We just got back from our trip to Germany last night. We had a great time–it was a nice vacation and everything was so beautiful covered in snow!

Our itinerary:
Sunday, Dec 7 – Dachau Concentration Camp
Monday, Dec 8 – Neuschwanstein Castle
Tuesday, Dec 9 – Munich
Wednesday, Dec 10 – Linderhof Palace

Sunday, Dec 7:
I didn’t take many pictures of the concentration camp because it was just too upsetting and disturbing. I will only post one photo because I don’t to upset anyone; you can view the rest at my Flickr by clicking here.

Dachau Concentration Camp

Monday, Dec 8:
We made a quick stop at Wieskirche, which is a beautiful cathedral.

My husband Joseph and me. He looks so funny when he is squinting!

The inside; I always prefer light-colored cathedrals over darker ones. I love when there are lots of windows lighting it up!

Next we saw the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, which I’m sure you have all seen photos of before. Walt Disney himself loved the castle so much he had Cinderella’s castle modeled after it.

This is the photo you have probably seen:

(Photo from Wikipedia)

Neuschwanstein Castle
The very eccentric King Ludwig II began building in 1869, and only 1/3 of it was completed before his death 17 years later. Building has never completed, but we did see a tour of the 20 rooms. This castle was only lived in something like 172 days–what a waste!

Neuschwanstein Castle
It had running water (with flushing toilets and everything!), electricity, and even a telephone system. Photos were not allowed inside, but I can tell you it was just as beautiful and as elaborate as you could imagine.

On the way to and from the hike to the castle, we ate Schneeballen, which are little delicious balls of fried cakes. We also drank Gluehwein, which is a hot red wine–it tasted like hot apple cider, except grape and alcoholic!

Bavaria, Germany
Of course I always find time for mini-portrait sessions!

Tuesday, Dec 9:

This day we travelled to Munich and enjoyed our time wandering the city.

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany
There was a huge Christmas market! Nutcrackers are my favorite.

Munich, Germany
Beret from Urban Outfitters and scarf from H&M

We stumbled upon the cathedral Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan. Of all the cathedrals I’ve seen in Europe, this is one of my favorites.
Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan
I love the rich golden color and simple design of the outside. It was so pretty against the bright sky. There was a small Christmas tree market set up in front that complimented it well.

Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan
Can you see the bits of gold decorating the dome? Besides that this cathedral was nearly completely white on the inside!

Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan

Wednesday, Dec 10:

We got to see another of King Ludgwig II’s palaces, which happened to be his favorite. He lived in this one the most, and it was the only one completed before his untimely death. It is my favorite as well!

Linderhof Palace
Linderhof Palace. Again, photographs were not allowed inside, but it was truly beautiful.

Linderhof Palace
Unfortunately the gardens were boarded up for winter! This is normally full of fountains and flowers and was inspired by the gardens of Versailles.

Bavaria, Germany
Joseph and me again. Snow is so beautiful! I had never seen snow like this before and I really love it.

Bavaria, Germany

That is my trench coat from Gap I bought a few weeks ago. It kept me very warm!

Bavaria, Germany

More photos at my Flickr.