31 March: Comical

1 April: Sparkle

2 April: Energy

3 April: New
Our brand new patio furniture!

4 April: Protection

5 April: Used
My grandmother had this antique schooldesk in her house for as long as I can remember. She gave it to me when she moved when I was in high school, and my sister brought it up to me last weekend. On top are some very dull (but beautiful) college textbooks from the 1940s.

6 April: Blur

7 April: Order

8 April: Corner

9 April: Journey
Joseph gave me this necklace for my birthday a couple years ago; it’s called a “Journey necklace,” and the cascading diamonds are supposed to represent the development of our relationship.

Also, good news–my 50mm 1.4 is back from the repair shop! I had one problem the day I got it back, but I turned it off, and it was fixed a couple hours later when I picked it back up. I’m hoping it really is fixed, or otherwise will break again within the 180 day warranty.