Prompted 365: Days 82-89

23 March: Balance
His and Hers. This is one of my favorites so far.

24 March: Play

25 March: Basket
And Joseph’s recommendation: Basket Case.

26 March: Find
Finding and pulling weeds.

27 March: Flutter

28 March: “When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.”

29 March: Heroes
All of those willing to share a bit of themselves with us and those who do it so beautifully.

30 March: Pen and Paper
Actually, pencil because I never use pens.

Hope you all have a great weekend! My sister and her friend Megan are coming to stay with us, and I’m scheduled to take their senior portraits on Saturday. I have to admit I’m terribly nervous, but it should be fun nonetheless.

Prompted 365: Days 75-81

Thanks to the encouragement of a few friends, I decided to change my Prompted 365 schedule and begin posting them once a week. This insures a weekly update, even if I have nothing else to say, and keeps my posts a bit shorter. A good decision all around, I think! If you disagree, please do let me know–this blog is all for you.

These photos mark a shift in my project as this is the first week I have had to use a different lens; my trusty 50mm is in the shop, and not having it pushed me to finally replace my old walk-around. I am very much enjoying my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8! If the photos looks any different, blame it on the lens, but I’ve actually found it very versatile.

16 March: Tiny
Our herb garden is still tiny but is heartily growing. Pictured above will someday be thyme.

17 March: Work
Joseph works from home on Thursdays! I can’t even begin to tell you how nice that is. Thursdays are a long school day for me, but I was on spring break last week and got to see him work. It’s really nice for him to get to skip the two hours he normally spends on the road every day.

18 March: Seam

19 March: Mess
Remnants of lazy Sunday napping.

20 March: Tied

21 March: Bed

22 March: Bottle

Lazar Wolf

Last weekend Joseph and I went to visit my family and came home with a new pet, to the insistence of my dad.

This little guy walked under my dad’s foot, so he was picked up and set in a jar for the day, mainly so my nieces could look at him.

We decided to name him Lazar Wolf.  Appropriate, yes?

Doesn’t he have the cutest little face?

Lazar Wolf has a pretty good life for a turtle, as I couldn’t talk Jospeh out of buying him a 15-gallon tank (though I did talk him down from the 26-gallon one he was eyeing).  I made a mound of rocks in one corner so he could  sunbathe, and lately he’s preferred sitting with his body half in and half out of the water.


A very unrelated question: Would you guys prefer I post my Prompted 365 photos every other week like I have been doing or change that to once a week? I don’t want this blog to concentrate too heavily on my 365, but I am not sure how my readers feel about having 14 photos in one post at one time. Please let me know which you would prefer!

Prompted 365: March 1/2 (And Help 日本)

My friend Chantell and myself in Japan–2005

I blogged about my wonderful visit to Japan once before and feel it’s time to plea for a country I love. A lot of help is needed after this continuing disaster.  Here are some wonderful and easy ways to help the disaster relief fund (list stolen from Sara, who made a wonderful blog post about the country she grew up in):

Amazon (top right ad)
Google Checkout
American Red Cross
International Medical Corps

Now back to the my regular blogging:

1 March: Growing Up
This is my teddy bear, Monty. He used to have good posture and silky fur, but he’s showing his age now. I still think he’s quite handsome, though

2 March: Symmetry

3 March: Dark

4 March: Weathered

5 March: Culture

6 March: Lace
This prompt came on just the right day, as I just gotten a wonderful package in the mail. My cousin sent me some of her mother’s old craft goods, including tatting books and her handmade lace. I’m very excited to try to tackle tatting!

7 March: Modern

8 March: Spot
My friend Liz and I meet at this bench twice a week to study and catch up on reading for our Literature of the Tudor Courts class.

9 March: Warm

10 March: Sour
Cory was angry at me for sticking my head out the door and telling him to stop barking at the neighbors.

11 March: Vacant

12 March: Fresh

13 March: Through
I dropped my lens and jammed the focus the day before. It should be going to the shop soon; hopefully it’s not totally through.

14 March: Before
I took apart the lens and fixed some of the focusing issues. I took this test shot (of my old lens that I had sitting in front of me) before taking it apart again to smooth out the focus a bit more, but the second disassembly did more damage than good.

Lennon Weekend

Apologies for my recent disappearance.  I still haven’t gotten this blog thing down.

I have some sad news. I broke my lovely 50mm 1.4 lens. My lovely, lovely lens.

Hopefully it is fixable–I’m dropping it off at a local shop tomorrow. Because I don’t know what to do without my wonderful lens (and because losing it sent me into a pathetic spiral of depression), I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a new walk-around lens, which I’ve been needing to do for a while. So even without my 50mm, I should be good to go soon.

This past weekend Joseph and I drove down to visit my family. We were overdue for a visit–so much so that we exchanged Christmas presents in March. I was also looking forward to doing senior portraits for my sister and her friend and baby portraits for my newborn nephew Lennon.
Unfortunately, just as I was stepping outside for the first portrait session, I dropped my camera. My advice for you: Always wear a neck strap. I’m still very angry at myself.

Here are the photos I snapped that morning before the perilous drop.

This is my brand new baby nephew, Lennon. He is seven weeks old and beautiful!

Lennon getting attention from his Great grandmother Ruby and Aunt Tori.

My mom and her first grandson (and three granddaughters).

Lennon and his cousin Avery

I crocheted this baby blanket for Lennon and am so happy I got to see him sleep with it that day.

My nieces Daphne and Alena (Lennon’s big sisters), after asking them who’s taller.

Ryan belongs to my sister’s friend. He is a charmer! I hope to see him again soon to photograph his amazing smile.

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