Las Vegas: The Strip

Neither Joseph nor I are big on gambling, but of course, we were in Vegas. There’s really not much else to do. We stuck with the slot machines and actually came out ahead, but it still terrifies me!

This machine was set on tormenting me. This happened TWICE. Notice neither row is actually on the line, making me a loser. Ugh.

I ate a crepe for breakfast at the Paris buffet, and then we sat down for a bit of gamblin’

Everything on the strip is so nice and so beautiful! I couldn’t help sneaking a few pictures of bathrooms.

Photo at the Bellagio. More on this later! That is such a beautiful hotel.

I’m really excited I got to meet up with my friend Sarah, who I met online a few years ago and who happens to live in Vegas. Isn’t she beautiful?? We had a great lunch at the Wynn, which offers a lot of Vegan options for her (another seriously beautiful hotel–more on that one later too!)

Just a corner of one of the shopping centers. Seriously beautiful!

New York New York:

Our hotel, the MGM Grand:

As for shows, we very sadly got our dates confused and missed the one we were looking forward to–The Lion King. The tickets were nonrefundable, of course, and they are leaving at the end of the year. :( We did get to catch Cirque du Soleil’s Ka but were extremely disappointed in it. They held it at an absolutely incredible theater with an amazing moving stage, but there was almost no acrobatics. We were looking forward to seeing something like Downtown Disney’s La Nouba, which we really loved. Ka had one ribbon dance (which honestly wasn’t incredibly impressive considering what I saw at La Nouba), a one baton twirling act, and a segment of shadow puppets. Like, shadow puppets you make with your hands on the wall illuminated by light. This was not at all what we were looking for, and I found myself wanted to walk out (which I have never done at any kind of performance).

That kind of put a bitter taste on the night, but it was still overall a great trip. I just should have done more research because it seems other people who didn’t like Ka were also hoping it was more like La Nouba.

Las Vegas: Nature First

Joseph and I just returned from half a week in Las Vegas. It was kind of a strange destination for us considering the places we normally travel, but we needed a relaxing vacation and a break from school and work. Vegas requires very little thinking or planning–it fit the bill perfectly.

Before I flood you with photos from the bright city, I’ll share our first day. We flew in early and spent the morning hiking at Red Rock Canyon before driving for a quick tour of Hoover Dam. It was kind of a last-minute decision, and I’m really glad we spent the early part of the trip this way.

I’m normally not a fan of this dry landscape (I love and miss my Dolomites), but it really was incredibly beautiful in person.

Hoover Dam:

One of the best parts of the day: stopping for lunch at In-N-Out! We got our very first one here in Fort Worth a few months ago, but it had been too crowded for me to try. When we realized the chain was in Nevada, we immediately knew where we wanted to go. It definitely lived up to the hype, but I felt like a dork ordering everything off the “secret menu.”

The Cat in the Window

Leonardo has always been interested in the world outside our walls, but actually going outdoors is just too overwhelming. So he spends a lot of his time gazing out windows.

This was one of his favorite spots in our apartment in Italy–the big window in the kitchen. It was frequently open to release the kitchen’s heat, so he got to smell all sorts of nature! Plus, he could see into our neighbors’ yards and watch them walk in and out of their houses.

Before buying our house here in Fort Worth, we stayed in a hotel for a few weeks. Our room was right by the front entrance, and I often came home to find him staring right out this window. I’m sure all the hotel occupants knew of him!

Now he has a quite different view out the back window.

Although definitely not friends, they like to play together through the protection of the glass windowpane. They do this multiple times a day, beginning at 6:50 every morning.

I took this photo to show off the wreath I made last year and then noticed Leonardo’s little face in the window. Every time we check the mail, we come back to find Leonardo right there with his mouth moving frantically and his meows muted by the door. I laugh every time.

Joseph got a ladder to put Leonardo on the windowsill above the front door so he could watch the birds outside.

Prompted 365: Days 213-222

I’m struggling with my school and work schedules, so I apologize my blog has fallen behind! I need to habitually set aside time for my dear Wobby.
I’ve been falling behind on my Prompted 365 project for a couple months, and I have to admit recently hardly any of my photos have been taken on the actual day they were supposed to! I just can’t find the time, but I’m committed to this project and won’t be giving it up this so along.

1 August: Money

2 August: Permanent
Some little bird deemed our tree worthy for their nest! I am strangely honored.

3 August: Familiar
Our buddy Lazar Wolf a few new decorations in his home, including a waterfall and fake plants (he moved the purple one himself, which is why you can see the weight sticking out of the gravel).

4 August: End

5 August: Sharp

6 August: Far
My new planner traveled all the way from South Korea!

8 August: Soft

9 August: Clean
A few new bowls, straight from the dishwasher. I picked these up at Anthropologie for less than $4 and really love them! They’re the perfect size for snacks and fit perfectly into my mismatched cupboard (I have a penchant for dishes).

10 August: Key

Prompted 365: Days 202-211

21 July: Sunlight

23 July: Annoying
I at first wasn’t sure how to feel about my birthday falling on the prompt “annoying.” Is that a serendipitous hit on my personality? I realized shortly, though, that it’s pretty fitting. I am incredibly annoying on my birthday. I use my “Birthday Week” to get out of doing anything I don’t want and also celebrate my Birthday Eve and Birthday Boxing Day. I don’t think it’s as self-centered as I make it sound here–I wish everyone would celebrate their birthdays just as much! It’s a fun day.
Oh and the gifts featured above, because I know you’re curious: an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer, a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipe book, and diamond earrings (disguised in the large central box). And yes, that’s Leonardo you spot in the back eyeing my presents.

25 July: Forever
I go through phases of wearing my grandmother’s old wedding ring. It pains me to see a symbol of so many happy years of marriage hidden in a closet, so I pull it out. The ring is a size 4 and doesn’t fit anyone else I know, so my grandmother gave it to me when I got married. It has no use for her since she’s remarried, so I consider it my duty to keep it alive.

26 July: Spiral

27 July: “Can you hear me?”
The universe makes me so small.

29 July: Robot
Magical, wonderful machine.

30 July: Fur
I like that this week’s pictures features gifts from each of my grandmothers: this vintage coat was given to me many years ago by my paternal grandmother.

31 July: Yellow
I haven’t mentioned my Anthropologie obsession here. It’s bad.

My favorite photo from this week was “sunlight.” What about yours?

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