Prompted 365: Days 213-222

I’m struggling with my school and work schedules, so I apologize my blog has fallen behind! I need to habitually set aside time for my dear Wobby.
I’ve been falling behind on my Prompted 365 project for a couple months, and I have to admit recently hardly any of my photos have been taken on the actual day they were supposed to! I just can’t find the time, but I’m committed to this project and won’t be giving it up this so along.

1 August: Money

2 August: Permanent
Some little bird deemed our tree worthy for their nest! I am strangely honored.

3 August: Familiar
Our buddy Lazar Wolf a few new decorations in his home, including a waterfall and fake plants (he moved the purple one himself, which is why you can see the weight sticking out of the gravel).

4 August: End

5 August: Sharp

6 August: Far
My new planner traveled all the way from South Korea!

8 August: Soft

9 August: Clean
A few new bowls, straight from the dishwasher. I picked these up at Anthropologie for less than $4 and really love them! They’re the perfect size for snacks and fit perfectly into my mismatched cupboard (I have a penchant for dishes).

10 August: Key

Prompted 365: Days 202-211

21 July: Sunlight

23 July: Annoying
I at first wasn’t sure how to feel about my birthday falling on the prompt “annoying.” Is that a serendipitous hit on my personality? I realized shortly, though, that it’s pretty fitting. I am incredibly annoying on my birthday. I use my “Birthday Week” to get out of doing anything I don’t want and also celebrate my Birthday Eve and Birthday Boxing Day. I don’t think it’s as self-centered as I make it sound here–I wish everyone would celebrate their birthdays just as much! It’s a fun day.
Oh and the gifts featured above, because I know you’re curious: an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer, a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipe book, and diamond earrings (disguised in the large central box). And yes, that’s Leonardo you spot in the back eyeing my presents.

25 July: Forever
I go through phases of wearing my grandmother’s old wedding ring. It pains me to see a symbol of so many happy years of marriage hidden in a closet, so I pull it out. The ring is a size 4 and doesn’t fit anyone else I know, so my grandmother gave it to me when I got married. It has no use for her since she’s remarried, so I consider it my duty to keep it alive.

26 July: Spiral

27 July: “Can you hear me?”
The universe makes me so small.

29 July: Robot
Magical, wonderful machine.

30 July: Fur
I like that this week’s pictures features gifts from each of my grandmothers: this vintage coat was given to me many years ago by my paternal grandmother.

31 July: Yellow
I haven’t mentioned my Anthropologie obsession here. It’s bad.

My favorite photo from this week was “sunlight.” What about yours?

My First Roll of Film

I mentioned a while ago that my dad gave me his old SLR. I wanted to play around with film for a while so was overjoyed! I shot my first roll pretty quickly (in a matter of days, I mean) because I was so anxious to see how they turned out. I got that roll back pretty quickly, but it’s taken me this long to get proper scans to share with you.

It was a bit nerve-wrecking but SO much fun. Film makes everything so important! I liked being nervous about how photos would turn out and enjoyed getting back prints of photos I had forgotten I’d taken. Mind you, I am entirely of the digital age and never so much as put a roll of film in a camera. I’m hooked now.

My cousin Ellen was in the area, and we went to dinner (at Jakes) in downtown Fort Worth.

The beautiful Bass Performance Hall

This one is my favorite of the roll. I was nervous about these photos because I was using so much light, but they came out just as I wanted. I love the natural vignette! I used my zoom lens for the last two.

Not the most exciting roll of film, I know! Mostly little things around my house because I was anxious to see how they turned out. My next roll, I hope, will be more interesting!

Prompted 365: Days194-201

In my last 365 post I mentioned I started a new job and also had a fight with food poisoning. The heat took an extra step in zapping me of my energy, so I found myself behind on the project. I really had no interest in picking up a camera and even less interest in sitting down to a computer to edit the photos. I didn’t even try to think of interpretations for the prompts.

But, finally, I am caught back up. I’m determined not to give up now that I’m getting closer to the end (December 31)!

13 July:Growth
This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the prompt. I was in a rut and just took a random photo that day.

14 July: Solution
How to relax after a busy day at work

16 July: Redesign

17 July: Two Roads

18 July: Illusion
I’ve lost quite a bit of weight recently, which my doctor is not happy about. I wore heavy clothes and boots to my last check-up to hide it. I am a little ashamed.

20 July: Weak
I know I don’t need anymore clothes, but it’s a serious weakness!

21 July: Obvoius
Bright pink post!

Home Tour: Bathrooms

If this feels like a weird section of my Home Tour, just go with it, please. Bathrooms are small, and our three came together pretty easily (and quickly). They are the most “done” rooms in the house, really!

Guest Bathroom:

This bathroom is located upstairs between mine and Joseph’s offices, near the guest bedroom. As much as I would love a beautiful frilly shower curtain, I decided it needed to be somewhat masculine to make up for the purple bedroom. In the end, I’m very happy with it! I love the wall color especially and am glad I went as dark as I did.

Powder Room:

This the half-bath off the living room.

This is actually Leonardo’s bathroom. And I don’t mean that he uses the litter box in here–he uses the toilet. He’s five years old and started doing this a few months ago with absolutely no training. If the bathroom door is closed or the toilet seat is down, he cries until we figure out the problem and fix it for him. I nearly had a heart attack the first time I walked in on him, but we’ve learned to appreciate it.

If you demand, I have photographic evidence.  But with respect to Leonardo’s privacy, I will only post them in the comment section upon request.

You will have to forgive me for these photos; the powder room is small and difficult to photograph accurately, especially with the sharply-colored decorations I used.

Master Bathroom:

This bathroom is found through double-doors in our bedroom. Towards the back left we have a room for the toilet (which, by the way, Leonardo does not use–he only likes the powder room), our walk-in closet, and a linen closet (the door to which is not pictured above).

Joseph’s grandmother gave us this antique shaving mirror a few months ago. It’s come in quite handy!

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