Prompted 365: Days 241-273

I fell way behind on my 365 project, but I did manage it finish right on time–December 31! Unfortunately, In the Wabe hasn’t been caught up. I don’t want to leave the project half-finished here, but I also don’t want to bore you with every picture, so from now on I’ll post my favorites from each month only. You will only have to deal with three more of these posts! Thanks everyone for sticking with me over this long year.

29 August: Mirror

30 August: Close
It actually was not a close game at all. Every time I have seen the Rangers they have been truly awful.

31 August: Art
My friend Asma is a beautiful work of art~ :)

2 September: Library

4 September: Note
Found this in my wallet!

8 September: Falling
I completely fall into every new project I take on, especially when it comes to embroidery.

9 September: Favorite
There is no denying it. Leonardo will always chose me over anyone else.

13 September: Reality
There’s no repairing my skin’s years of sun damage. I’ve thankfully now learned the importance of SPF 85.

15 September: Dull

17 September: “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

19 September: Missing

26 September: Circle

30 September: Sensitive
Leonardo is pretty calm, as long as you don’t even think about touching his tail.

Life with Instagram

I fell into the Instagram trap immediately after getting an iPhone a few months ago. For those who don’t know, Instagram is an iPhone-only photo community.  It’s fun and simple and mainly consists of photos of cats.

A Few Months on Film

Here are some of my favorites from my second and third rolls of film. You can see the first roll here! I am having a good time playing with my dad’s old SLR but wish I had more things to photograph. My third roll took six months from the first shot to the last, which is pretty awful. I’m hoping to shoot much more this year! Though I will definitely need to find somewhere to develop–spending $15/roll at Walgreens is just not going to cut it. Please send me any recommendations you have!

Photos featuring myself, Joseph, a few family members (niece, sister, & my sister-in-law and her boyfriend), and my lovely friend Asma.

Christmas 2011

This was our second Christmas in Texas but the first time we put up the Christmas tree. I was afraid the little five-footer would look silly in our (typically Texan) oversized living room, but I really liked it! And it was so, so easy to put up that I’m going to be sticking with this little tree in the future.

I decorated in the same way I did last year but added the tree and a couple other little decorations I picked up along the way. I also knit Christmas stockings for Joseph and myself, but you’ll have to wait until next year to see them!

Joseph is such a good gift-giver, especially when it comes to jewelry! He gave me this double-stranded pearl bracelet for Christmas

He also gave me this amazing owl bookend! I’ve been owl-obsessed for a few years now, and this is the first time Joseph has given me anything having to do with owls. Normally he just scoffs at what I pick out, so I was shocked. And this bookend is SO cute and also so funny to me.

A couple days after Christmas we drove to Joseph’s grandparents house to meet that side of his family. Serious Scrabble-ing ensued.

We wanted to keep the Creepy Couple Picture tradition going, but we didn’t quite top last year’s. And no, Lerin is not pregnant–that was a balloon hidden under her apron.

Though Lerin’s edit was pretty great.

Joseph’s dad and step-mom gave me this beautiful jewelry tree! I have always wanted one, and this brushed nickel is perfect!

And Joseph’s mom & co. gave us a set of personalized embossers! I’ve always wanted some of these too!

Prompted 365: Days 223-238

I have really let this project slide, both here at Wobby and on Flickr. I took a hiatus (or two) because my schedule became really demanding both mentally and physically. This 365 is so much more difficult than I ever imagined. I’ve come out with some photos that I really like, but interpreting prompts, finding time (and light) to take a photo, working towards a good photo, and editing takes a lot out of me. I am exhausted.

But December 31 marks the end! Overall I’m grateful I did this project, but I am more than ready for it to be over. I’d rather transfer that energy to projects I can stay excited about; forcing myself to take a photo every day made me kind of resent picking up my camera at all. That definitely wasn’t what I was looking for when beginning this, but I’ll be proud of myself when it’s over and excited to expand my photography in another way.

I am trying to go out on a positive note so need to share my photos with you again. I will be jumping around and showing you only my favorites rather than every image, so I should be able to catch up pretty quickly.

11 August: Stretch

15 August: Beautiful
Working in my favorite shopping center is not good for my wallet. I had an early lunch and wasn’t hungry so headed to Banana Republic to check out their new Mad Men line. I fell in love and returned to my shift with beautiful white lace and an empty stomach.

16 August: Stripes

17 August: Open
Joseph refuses to open these! He interrupted me in the shower so that I could open this while he hid in another room.

18 August: Waiting
I waited and searched and waited for months until finding the perfect chair for my office.

20 August: Tea

21 August: Foreign
My Italian kitty! He even has a little passport.

23 August: Cozy
Leonardo loves the new chair as well.

24 August: Nest

26 August: Layers

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