My friend Genevieve

Meet my friend Genevieve! We first met online a few years ago, when I lived in Italy and she in California. We both ended up moving to DFW but live on opposite sides of the metroplex so haven’t seen each other nearly enough. She’s moving to Seattle in a few days and came to visit me before leaving!

Yes, she is absolutely, incredibly beautiful. She is also a very talented photographer–you can see her work here. It’s not worth trying to hate her, either. She’s also impossibly sweet. I am going to miss having her in the metroplex but look forward to a trip to Washington!

A Weekend in Austin

Joseph and I took a quick trip a few hours south to visit Austin last weekend. I’ve been a few times here and there but never as an “adult.” We had so much fun, and I really didn’t want to leave. I love all the little shops and restaurants that make up the city and appreciated not seeing any large chain stores.

Our first dinner was, of course, at a food truck on South Congress. We both got wraps at The Mighty Cone (Joseph’s a venison “cone dog” and mine breaded avocado). They were fantastic!

Sunday morning we did the ultimate tourist activity–we visited the state capitol.

This was my favorite feature: gigantic Texas Capitol door hinges! So over-the-top and very Texan.

We also visited the LBJ Library & Museum. Last time I was in Austin while I was in high school there was an exhibit about the 1960s, and I stood in front of a video of The Beatles for as long as I could. This time, though, the museum was undergoing a change, so there wasn’t much to see.

My favorite stop in Austin was the Elisabet Ney Museum. This beautiful house and studio is surrounded by wildflowers in the middle of a neighborhood. Inside, you walk on creaky hardwood floors to make your way between Ney’s incredible marble sculptures. It’s free and a very unique experience, so I recommend you make a quick stop if you’re in the city.

One last photo of food–Joseph’s carnitas at Curra’s Grill.

Leonardo’s Guide to Napping

Hello, everyone! This is Leonardo here, Alyssa’s cat. My friend Morn convinced me to try my hand in blogging because he often takes over Sara’s blog and adds valuable insights to cat life.

So now I am going to give you a lesson on my favorite activity: napping. I’m appalled at the lack of variety in human sleep cycles. You desperately need to be taught you to do it right. Feel free to take notes.

Find the sun. This is a basic cat rule. Windows are a wonderful thing.

Don’t be afraid of heights. In the example above, I’ve settled down for a nap on the ledge of the wall overlooking my living room on the lower level.  This photo reinforces another rule: any time something looks comfortable, settle down on it immediately.  With practice, you should look like you’re on the brink of sleep within 10 seconds of an object leaving your owner’s hands.

Blend in with your surroundings. Channel your inner wilderness cat for this one. Your predators (i.e. owners) will have a harder time finding you and therefore forcing you to wake up. I’ve found that my white face can be a hinderance, so I try to hide it.

Try to look extra adorable while sleeping. Again, this will lower your chances of being forced awake.

When you need attention, sprawl out in the middle of a frequented walkway. If you look extra pathetic you might get a treat.

Try out everything. You never know what will create the perfect bed.

Things that begin horribly (like being picked up–I hate it!) could actually end up being extremely comfortable. Don’t eliminate anything.  Remember, comfort is a cat’s #1 priority.

Even if a spot is not particularly comfortable, stay there. This is your dignity we’re talking about.

Snuggle up. This is especially wonderful if your snuggling partner is full of catnip.

Never sleep on a hard surface. Find a place where your owners have left soft fabric. Bonus points if you have light fur and nap on dark clothing.

New furniture needs to be tested. You are the chosen one.

Love always (or as long as you’ll pet me),

Warmer, Warmer

I’ve hardly picked up my camera at all this year, so here are the few self-portraits I’ve taken as we approach warmer weather.

Lately on Catstagram

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Instagram by now, alternatively known as “Catstagram” because it is sometimes overrun with cat photos. For me it also doubles as “Foodstagram” and “PicturesInMyMirrorstagram.”

You might have noticed my blog has been pretty thin the last few months. To tell you the truth, my camera hasn’t gotten much action. I’m thankful I have Instagram to have fun with photos in a more light-hearted manner. It’s a nice supplement since I haven’t been best buddies with my DSLR lately.

The three box photos were all taken on the same day. He couldn’t decide which box he loved the most (and there was even a another smaller box further complicating his decision). Second-to-last photos are Leonardo on top of the dryer, which he somehow only recently discovered. No idea what took him so long! And the last photo was taken while we were hiding out during a tornado warning.

I promise my next post will be not Leonardo-centric!

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