Genevieve & Ash

Saturday I got to see my wonderful friend Genevieve again, and she enlisted me to take photos of her and her boyfriend Ash. We met me in Denton (where I had an all-day class) and walked around the square. I always love spending time with Genevieve, and her 10+ years of modeling and recent years working as a photographer in McKinney means she’s a breeze in front of the camera. Ash was a model as a chid as well! Genevieve and I are both lucky to have snagged former child models (Joseph was also a talent pageant pro–let’s all make fun of him for that later) ;)

Katie & Ben: The Engagement Portraits

Katie and I have known each other since we were awkward pre-teens, so I was beyond thrilled when she asked me to take engagement portraits for her and Ben, who are getting married this summer. They are an absolutely lovely couple, and I had a blast spending a few hours with them!

We had a lot of great outtakes because they are both so funny!

A Not-Actually-Very-Late Holiday

I made a point this year to visit our families in Houston close to the holidays rather than waiting until February and March, so we made a quick trip the weekend before New Years. A very quick trip–we left after I got off of work on Saturday and drove back home on Sunday night. It was so nice to see everyone, even if rushed!

Brian and Lori–my brother and sister-in-law, parents of Alena, Daphne, and Lennon.

Lennon’s mom and I were both looking forward to my photographing the most beautiful baby in the world again this year (last year’s photos: here; the year before: here), but he was feeling a bit under the weather. But I can report on his remaining beautiful and continuing to age at rapid speeds. This boy isn’t even two years old yet!

Alena and Daphne (Lennon’s sisters) hanging out in a tree. This looks sweet and casual, but getting Daphne two feet off the ground and into that tree was a huge ordeal because she is very dramatic.
Second: My sister Tori and Joseph with their new My Little Pony shirts.

My parents; Avery, me, and the two-headed cat on my sweater

I’m proud to say I’m the only adult to be inducted into my niece’s club (wherein they watch movies and eat popcorn in the garage apartment). Daphne wrote my name on a soda can to make it official.

Joseph’s sister Lerin and I met over 10 years ago (long before I knew Joseph), and spending time with her always makes me feel like I’m in middle school again. In a good way.

Creepy Couple Pictures 2012. Lerin and Chris are getting married in two months! Joseph and I were providing them with marriage wisdom in the first photo. Then Chris nearly broke Lerin’s legs in the second photo, proving they really do need our help.

Expressions of Daphne

Meet my niece Daphne. What can I say about her? Daphne has a lot of thoughts that simply must be vocalized. This means it’s easy to get caught on the phone for over 20 minutes as she tells you about the caterpillar she saw that day. When we visited last weekend, Joseph made the perfect wall to bounce her thoughts off of.

I couldn’t help but photograph their very animated (albeit one-sided) conversation. At the time she was talking about breakfast nachos.

This is how the night ended. Daphne hugged Joseph like this for about 20 minutes.

Leonardo’s Christmas

Another blog post from your favorite and most handsom internet cat, Leonardo.

My Christmas was horrible. To quote the wise words of William Shakespeare:
“O, horrible! O, horrible! most horrible!”
from Hamlet (Act 1, Scene V).

See how much rest I got the last couple years? It was not the same this time. I was on edge:

Firstly, Joseph gave Alyssa a flash reflector (which she is giving very positive reviews, by the way), so they were playing with it all day long. So annoying.

My only present… a pair of used shoes. They don’t even fit me.

I was also given a used box. It doesn’t fit well either.

Worst of all, it snowed that day. As an indoor cat, the weather itself doesn’t bother me. But bad weather means my nemesis Cory is brought inside.

I hope everyone else had a better holiday.

Love always,

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