Ben and Kate’s wedding was one I was very excited for. After taking their engagement portraits at the beginning of the year, I knew their wedding day would be both fun and sweet. And that it was!

Kate and I have known each other for over a decade–I actually still usually call her by the nickname I gave her back then, Kbit (pronounced “ki-bit”). So getting to spend this day with her and her family was extra special.

The wedding was at the Wildwood Inn in Denton, TX, which is an absolutely beautiful venue!

I joined the bride and bridesmaids for a very calm hour as they got ready. Meanwhile, the groom was apparently having way too much fun with his party. I sent my second shooter to follow them around, and I was so surprised when these were the photos I got back. So much fun!

Do you see that bit of blue behind Ben? That is the TARDIS he built Kate and used as a prop when he proposed.

We were all chanting “Kiss, kiss, kiss” to the two on the left. They didn’t kiss.

I should mention their first dance was to Kermit’s The Rainbow Connection. Between this and the TARDIS, you just have to love the Ben and Kate.

Photos #2, 19-25, 33, 41, & 57 were taken by Allen Jung.

Ben and Kate, thank you so much for letting me spend this day with you. I wish a world of happiness! If the wedding is any indication of your marriage (how could it not be?), there’s a world of laughs and sweetness ahead.

Ian & Trisha’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. Their intimate ceremony was in the back yard of the groom’s parent’s Dallas home, surrounded by friends and family. The bride and groom both wore white linen and sandals, the bride with flowers pinned into her hair.

Congratulations, Ian & Trish! You are such a lovely couple, and I’m so glad you asked me to be part of your day.

Left: the groom and his niece. Right: the bride and her family.

Again, congratulations to the entire family! Thanks so much for letting me photograph this special day.

I’m struggling for words here. Lerin and I first met in 2000 and became instant friends. Neither of us expected I would marry her brother seven years later. In fact, we’re all still getting used to the way this worked out.

I’m so happy I got to join her family in celebrating the marriage of such a wonderful couple. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of holidays and family gatherings together (plus annual Creepy Couple Portraits). Chris, you and I really did marry into the greatest family in the world!

While the ceremony was tender and traditional, the reception was pretty wild. Hours and hours of dancing, with and without costumes.