This is Ryan. How adorable is he? He knows he has a killer smile and uses it to charm the ladies. He definitely knew when to pull it out on our mini portrait session a few weeks ago. There were lots and lots of silly faces (to his mom’s chagrin!), but they were followed by insanely adorable giggles. Ryan and Megan have both been on this blog a few times, particularly when I did Megan’s senior portraits a few years ago. I’ve known Megan since for over 10 years now, and I love getting to see her adorable boy whenever I visit Houston. Look at him go! Ryan is a future Olympian! We actually raced at one point, but he beat me. For some reason I kept falling, and he ended up ahead ;) It was probably for the better–I heard he is a pretty sore loser, and we needed…

A Family of Four

I had a quick portrait session with this beautiful family a couple weeks ago. Seriously–look at them! They are all gorgeous. I had so much fun, and their [extremely adventurous] boy was making me laugh the entire time.

Genevieve & Ash

Saturday I got to see my wonderful friend Genevieve again, and she enlisted me to take photos of her and her boyfriend Ash. We met me in Denton (where I had an all-day class) and walked around the square. I always love spending time with Genevieve, and her 10+ years of modeling and recent years working as a photographer in McKinney means she’s a breeze in front of the camera. Ash was a model as a chid as well! Genevieve and I are both lucky to have snagged former child models (Joseph was also a talent pageant pro–let’s all make fun of him for that later) ;)

Katie & Ben: The Engagement Portraits

Katie and I have known each other since we were awkward pre-teens, so I was beyond thrilled when she asked me to take engagement portraits for her and Ben, who are getting married this summer. They are an absolutely lovely couple, and I had a blast spending a few hours with them! We had a lot of great outtakes because they are both so funny!

Faking Love With Someone Beautiful

Do you guys remember my friend Genevieve? My talented and beautiful friend Genevieve? When I last saw her, I was very upset because she was moving to Washington. But now she’s back! We got together yesterday and of course had to take photos. Our friend Sara and her husband Tom are currently working on an Anniversary photo project. It is absolutely stunning. Their photos have me oscillating between joy and misery. They are so sickeningly loving, beautiful, and talented. Genevieve and I were looking through their photos, saying “Vomit. They are so perfect. Ugh. Look at how amazing this photo is.” We don’t have spouses who would undertake such a project with us, so we decided to do it together. Of course, we’re not a young couple in love (at least not with each other) so faked those looks of longing (sometimes taking it to desperation instead). I have to…