Lunch with Tilly

On the way home from Houston after Chris and Lerin’s wedding, Joseph and I stopped for lunch in Spring so I could see my dear friend Victoria. The last time I’d seen her was actually the night Joseph and I got married, but I still call her my “bff soulmate” because she’s the closest friend I’ve ever had.

We met each other when we were chemistry partners in high school. We were awful in the lab, but it allowed us to bond over our mutual love for Harry Potter. We gave each other a variety of nicknames–I was normally Luna or Uhliska (a kind of joke ugly spelling of my name that I ended up finding endearing), and Victoria was Tilly (I think because it seemed British to us? I remember it was inspired by a girl featured in Teen Vogue).

I’m so glad we finally managed a time to have this long-overdo catch up. We had Vietnamese food for lunch and then went for frozen yogurt. Victoria is just as lovely as always!

Tony Firman’s Bookbinding Workshop

Last weekend I took a bookbinding workshop with a couple classmates. I had been looking forward to the day since Tony Firman visited my rare books class as a guest lecturer.

Tony is a joy to listen to and learn from, and after seeing him demonstrate the binding of a miniature book I knew I needed to learn more. We all know how much I love tediously particular crafts, like embroidery, and I thought this might be right up my alley. During his lecture I couldn’t stop thinking, “This is a thing? People actually get to do this for work?”

The workshop was so much fun, and I recommend anyone in DFW contact Tony for your bookbinding or miniature book needs (we all have a lot of those, right?). His work reflects his meticulous craftsmanship, from the typesetting to binding and casing. I’m going to have to order some of his handmade miniature books, if only I can decide which I most need!

His workshop teaches four different binding methods, and each of the four books you create is about the way in which it’s bound. I decided to work with miniatures rather than full size books because, again, I love tedious and tiny work. Plus, miniature books are also just about my favorite thing in the world. They combine my two greatest loves–literature and small, cute things.

The beginnings of a small paperback book.

Punching holes in a gather of a more sophisticated hard-cover book that will have a sewn-signature binding.

A bit of time must be spent waiting for glue to dry, so Tony entertained us with his collection of books, explaining the varying binding methods or significance of the book itself.

Bookbinding also involves a lot of trimming. There’s not much room for error in miniature books.

Measuring and cutting the boards of the casing was the most difficult task. I was relieved to finally cover the casing in fabric.

Some of Tony’s miniature collection. The books above were created by Tony himself.

And now, my four completed miniature books:

Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Last weekend Joseph and I made the drive to Lake Mineral Wells State Park, which we’ve been wanting to check out for a while. I was absolutely blown away. It was so beautiful–I was entranced by all the soft blues. I kept saying, “This nature is covered in my favorite color!” and Joseph kept telling me to calm down because it is only moss. (My co-worker Cerelle, who actually inspired me to visit this park, later explained it is actually lichen, which has a symbiotic relationship with moss! Joseph apparently knew this at the time as well, and I am the only one out of the loop about the workings of moss.)

We were there for about three hours just hiking. It’s such a nice hike–full of rugged rocks you have to have to climb over! I’m excited to go back and make more of a day with it, maybe bringing our dog Cory and some food to grill.

Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery before leaving the house, so these are the only shots I got. I was so disappointed–the park was so beautiful I wanted to photograph everything! I did get a few photos on my cell phone, though:

Lately on Instagram

-Lovely J. Crew sweater featuring cats and chickens over a silk peter pan collar blouse from Everlane
-Sonic’s delicious Sweetheart Shake This ishorrible to look at right now because I’m on a self-imposed month-long fast food ban for the rest of February (why did I do this to myself?)
-Lace Anthropologie blouse
-Books books books books
-Leonardo pretending he wasn’t repeatedly knocking my tablet over while I was trying to enjoy one of my guilty pleasure TV shows
-Joseph’s guitar and my ukulele
-Ringlet thanks to switching hair products (so glad I discovered DevaCurl!)
-Wearing my shirt half-tucked in because the front button closure on those pants is kind of itchy
-Beautiful Kate Spade packaging!
-I bought a magnet and keychain from the wonderful ladies at Fan Girl, and Tricia included a beautiful drawing of her and Leonardo, since they are so in love.
-Beautiful sushi! Incidentally, named similarly to the sonic drink–Sweetheart sushi! Coconut shrimp tempura, avocado, tuna & strawberry garnished with kiwi-lime sauce.
-Leonardo dressed up for visitors!

Wild Orchid

Last week I made a trip to a hair salon for the first time in years to do something I’ve been dreaming about for long time: dye my hair purple! Besides the tiny gold highlights I got in sixth grade, this is the only time I’ve ever colored my hair.

I’m so, so happy with it! Honestly, I need my mirrors confiscated so I will stop staring at my hair and actually get some work done. The “Wild Orchid” color turned out a bit more pink than I anticipated–I’d just like to say I did not intend to match my hair to my glasses.

The hairdresser dyed select pieces towards the bottom of my hair, so it sort of just fades into purple. It looks different depending on the light, and sometime it’s so subtle I can barely see a hint of color.

Cory of course had to join me for a few photos!

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