Emma, Princess of Cats

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful long-haired Emma. I was warned not to pet her as she is a bit of a grump, but I guess my magical cat whisperer powers took over, and she was purring within minutes!

Doesn’t Emma look like kitty royalty in this big leather chair? I regularly call my own Leonardo the Prince of Cats and think Emma makes a good Princess of Cats. That’s not to say they would ever get along–Leonardo and Emma do not like attention being paid to other cats in their presence.

Unfortunately for Emma, she doesn’t quite rule the roost. Her two cat roommates were hiding, but I did get a couple photos of the family’s two sweet dogs!

A Childhood in Abu Dhabi

In 1992, my parents got the opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. So they packed up us four kids–ranging from 14 years to six weeks old–and took us to Abu Dhabi for two years. I grew from four years old to six during the time we were there.

They were a great years. We have a ton of photos which are made even better by what a great photographer my father is! Seriously, aren’t these photos wonderful? I’m excited to share more photos my dad took when I was a kid.

First up, adventures with camels on the side of the road. Brian is 10, I’m 14, and Tori is three months old.

I love this photo because my mom looks great, and the way it’s framed is so similar to my photography style!

We became life-long friends with a family of Canadian expats. The adults were great friends, as were we with their two children, Conlan and Lena-Joy. We visited each other a few times after moving back to the US and Canada, and I got to meet up with Lena-Joy a few years ago when she traveled through Venice!

In this photo, my dad was egging on a camel–they were hissing and spitting at each other.

I’m leaving you with a photo that would probably embarrass most people. But my dad is not one to be embarrassed easily.

This photo is so quintessentially 90’s, and he kind of reminds me of Homer Simpson in the episode where he gets a job working from home and starts wearing a muumuu. My dad never worked from home, but he did wear this almost every day for 20 years.

Short Hair Forever

I love long hair and wish more than anything mine would grow out to my waist and make me look like a mermaid. But that is never going to happen. My hair doesn’t grow long, and curly hair is damaged so easily that by the time it gets past my shoulders it really should be cut off.

I’ve been itching to cut my hair short for months, and finally did it a few weeks ago. My final inspiration was Morello from Orange is the New Black, played by Yael Stone.

I don’t think I’m ever growing my hair long again. This feels so much better! I love not having hair on the back of my neck, though not being able to pull it back in a ponytail will take some getting used to.

I got these glasses–“Romy” by Kate Spade–a few months ago and haven’t worn my contacts even once since. I’m a short-haired glasses-wearer for life now, I think.

I love the back! This cut was done by Loni at Salon Purple in Fort Worth.

A couple Instagram pictures, including my new bunny sweater from Target. I can’t wait until the weather is cool enough to wear it! Since I’m in Texas, it will be a few months :(

My Grandfather’s Photos: A 1957 Picnic

A couple weeks ago when my parents visited for graduation, they brought a box of photos for me to digitize. Among my family’s photos from the early 1990s was an envelope of film my grandfather had developed… on June 17, 1957.

The prints were no longer in the envelope, but that was okay. I got the photo scanner last month so that I can develop and scan my own film–specifically, 120 film run through a 1943 Brownie Hawkeye, a very similar camera to the one my grandfather seems to have used. Waiting for each filmstrip to develop was so exciting, and I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to have brought these pictures to life again.

Below are pictures my grandfather took at a picnic in the summer of 1957.

The beautiful woman below is my grandmother, Ruby.

And a couple extra photos. These prints were in the envelope, though they weren’t part of the roll shot on that day. The first photo is of one of my grandmother’s uncles, who raised her during the Great Depression. I think this photo is incredible; the man’s expression and body language makes him so endearing.

Last, my great-great-grandparents. There’s something really special in these old formal portraits.

Master of Information Science

Yesterday was the culmination of years of stress and hard work–I got my Master’s degree in Information Science!

I didn’t go to my undergraduate commencement ceremony, but I made promises at the time to attend the ceremony for my graduate degree. Friday morning I was regretting that decision (I hate ceremonies and only like to celebrate non-achievements and non-events, like half birthdays and full moon days). But I’m glad I went, if only for how happy it made my family and for the flowers I now have sitting on my mantle ;)

So these photos mare a bit different than what you’re used to seeing on my blog. But this post will also, hopefully, mark a change in my blog activity. Now that I’m not plagued by guilt every time I sit at the computer ignoring homework assignments, I’ll be giving my blog (and my camera) a bit more attention. I’m also really, really excited to get to start reading again for fun! What else do I do? I have been in school since I was 3 years old–that’s 22 years!

My parents drove up from Houston to see my graduate, and Joseph’s grandparents came from their home about 60 miles away. I’ll be forever bragging to Joseph about being smarter/more educated than him ;)

Joseph had a necklace of flowers for me after the ceremony!

My parents gave me roses–orange has always been mine and my dad’s favorite color. Leonardo didn’t hesitate to try to eat the flowers.

The last photo was taken with my cell phone. We had to put the flowers somewhere Leonardo can’t get to.

You might have noticed I got a pretty major haircut and new glasses! More on that later!

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