I remember seeing some old Kodak Brownies that belonged to my grandfather, and I always wanted to play with them. I’ve been interested in working with film recently, but since I’m only 20 years old I have absolutely no experience with film! Really, I’m completely lost. The only film cameras I’ve ever used myself were disposable ones when I was in middle school–after that it was all digital. All I know about film is that the canisters hold quarters well. I’ve been so dependent on my Digital SLR and I’d really like to be more hands-on. I put off buying a fancy film camera because I’m actually a bit intimidated and decided to get a little Kodak Brownie toy camera so that I could learn about developing first.

I bought this little Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash off Ebay. There are so many for sale, and they’re much cheaper than I would have imagined! I payed a bit extra for mine sine it came in the original case and had been tested out (most that I saw for sale had been picked up at a thrift store, and the seller was unsure if they were in working condition).

With the flash attached

A view of my cat through the viewfinder.

There are a few more Brownies I’d like to buy (right now I’m craving a Starmite), if not to use than at least for decoration. Hopefully soon I’ll work myself up to more serious cameras, but for now I just like this little toy, which was made in November 1956 and originally sold for just $7.


Here are a couple things I’ve been wearing lately.

The rickrack goes around the waist as well. The Swarovski necklace was a gift from Joseph.

This is one of my favorite dresses, by Isaac Mizrahi for Target. His Target line was so inexpensive and well-made! I’m sad he’s no longer working for Target, but about 20% of my wardrobe is from this line and I think it will last me for a few more years.

This is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made! I bought this Ali Ro dress on sale through I also wore it in Paris with riding boots, black stockings, and a yellow scarf.

Some of you might have noticed In the Wabe has a new color scheme! I am still not completely satisfied with the layout, but I decided to change the colors from brown to a light pink to coincide with spring.

I have gotten so lazy when it comes to this blog! I have much more to post than recipes (and a queue of about 20 recipe posts that still need to be made) but can never find the energy to do it.

These are colza flowers, used to make oil. They are all over the roadside here; it’s even hard to concentrate on driving when I pass them! Very expansive fields of bright flowers–who could look away? I assumed they were weeds since they grew seemingly overnight and are very tall, but a friend that lives in France corrected me. I think they will get quite a bit taller before they’re harvested, so hopefully I will get to enjoy them for a bit longer.

Gold Dior earrings. Joseph bought these for me a few weeks ago, completely unexpected! I’m glad I married someone with good taste in jewelry ;)  The gold is perfectly gilded, but the lettering caught the reflection of my camera in the middle photo.

I’m so glad it is getting warm out finally. The winters aren’t too bad here, but they are definitely longer than what I’m used to in Texas.

I bought these soaps in Paris last month. They are all different flavors, but they somehow work wonderfully together. Now my bathroom smells amazing!
The brown is vanilla; green is green tea; red is strawberry; yellow is magnolia; purple in the back is labelled “mure” and I’m not quite sure what that means just yet.

A post I made about my December trip to Germany was recently featured on the new travel website, Ruba.

The weather has been perfect around here lately. I love walking around this little town, especially now that I can leave my coat at home and just wear a cardigan!

This is the view from my bedroom window. I love the mountains–living at the foot of the Alps has its perks!

This is one of the main roads in my town. Look at how small the “sidewalk” is! By Italy’s standards, this road is actually pretty big.

Every Italian town is built around a cathedral–if you’re ever in Italy, just follow the signs reading “centro” to find the center of the town. Ours is very simple! There is a line of benches right next to the church where I always see the locals eating gelato.

The clouds were perfect that day!

Over the last few years my mathernal grandmother has been giving me some of her most meaningful jewelry and it’s very special to me. When I started high school she gave me her high school ring, when I started college she gave me her college bracelet, and when I got married last year she gave me her wedding ring.

Luckily I am the only one in my family with limbs small enough for her jewelry to fit, but we also have similar tastes! I’ve heard that I’m a lot like she was at my age, and I don’t at all find that hard to believe.

My grandmother went to the same high school I did, graduating 59 years before me. Most of my family has gone to the same school. I wore this ring all throughout high school. The school colors are blue and white, but the ring is adorned with her (and my) birthstone–Ruby.  I wasn’t interested in any of the class rings that were for sale when I was in high school, but I think my grandmother’s is beautiful and of my taste, so it worked perfectly as a third-generation class ring.

Her ring on the left, mine on the right
When I got married my husband was deployed and we hadn’t even thought of rings. My grandmother lent me hers and I loved it so much that when we got around to buying our own I wanted mine to be similar. After a couple months with the ring she assured me she would like to keep it. My grandfather is no longer alive, and I feel so honored that she gave me something of so much sentimental value.

I am a very sentimental person also and can definitely be trusted to care after these things! I don’t wear much jewelry unless it has a special meaning to me, and family heirlooms are used often when given to me.

I bought these pearls in Okinawa, Japan when I was 16. They are two separate necklaces that can be twisted together–one pink strand, and one white strand.

Some of you may have noticed there’s been a bit of a lull at In the Wabe over the last few weeks. Honestly, I have been a bit upset over the way it’s panning out–it’s turning out a lot different than my original idea. So I am going to be revamping!

There will be a few changes here, and In the Wabe is going to become a bit more of a personal blog. I’m keeping all the recipes, but I will be posting some personal entries in between the food posts. I’m hoping this will make my blog more interesting and more enjoyable for all of you!

Do you want to see how excited I am about this?


These are my very first jumping photos! I realize the second photo looks a bit like I’m sitting on the back of the couch, but I swear I was mid-jump!

This is what my living room looks like without a maniac jumping on the furniture: