The Pets


My Funny Dog

I have eaten so much delicious food this week! But I hate coming out of Daylight Savings–it is always much too dark for photos by dinnertime. Instead, here are silly photos of my funny dog Cory. Something was hilarious to him. Imagine waking up to this every morning. Scary thought, I know. Oh, did I forget to tell you about his flying ability? Cory is heartbroken because I’m making fun of him. Just kidding!

Corgi Cory

We have a new addition to our family here! Obviously, our cat Leonardo is not overjoyed. But it’s been a week now, and they’re starting to feel more comfortable with each other. Meet Cory. Joseph got him as a puppy when he lived in Florida in 2002. After two years, though, he had to move overseas and sent Cory to be kept by family. They got attached (Cory does that to people), so we didn’t feel right taking him back. But they decided to move into a condo without a yard, so he’s with us now! And he is SO much fun. I’ve never been a dog person but fell in love with Cory within a couple days. Checking each other out. We’re on day seven now, and Leonardo is finally starting to feel better around him (this photo is from day two).  Now they’re fine being on the same…

Last Week in Italy

Joseph and I safely made it to Texas! Our cat, Leonardo, even made it too, though I found out once people notice you’re taking a cat on a trans-Atlantic flight, they get very rude. But thankfully, he was great on the flight and is now happily settled into a hotel room. Here are a few last photos from Italy. Italy is very, very dog-friendly! There were about five constantly hanging around the lobby of our hotel. Their owners took them home for lunch and naptime and then brought them back until reception closed at 4 PM. Great red mailbox! I feel like every fifth street in Italy is “via Dante.” I spotted these two houses on a walk around town. Such interesting designs! I especially love the second one; you can’t see it here but on the other side is a beautiful spiral staircase. This is probably going to sound…

Hair and Cats

Winter is a blessing for my hair. I grew up with constant humidity in Houston and love what Europe does to my hair, especially further up north. But I’ve found something new to help–Herbel Essence “None of Your Frizziness” conditioner. It really does illuminate frizz! I only flat iron my hair once every couple months, but this time was much easier thanks to my new product. It actually looks like straight hair rather than dry, curly hair that’s been forced straight. Some curls snuck in while I was sleeping! This is my favorite (and, uh… only) lipstick that I always forget to wear. I’m a mascara-and-chapstick girl. Besides the occasional straightening and a ponytail, this is all I know to do with my hair. A few twists and a lot of bobby pins–an easy fix for curly hair that looks much more difficult. Cats find comfort in the strangest places.…