Lazar Wolf

Last weekend Joseph and I went to visit my family and came home with a new pet, to the insistence of my dad.

This little guy walked under my dad’s foot, so he was picked up and set in a jar for the day, mainly so my nieces could look at him.

We decided to name him Lazar Wolf.  Appropriate, yes?

Doesn’t he have the cutest little face?

Lazar Wolf has a pretty good life for a turtle, as I couldn’t talk Jospeh out of buying him a 15-gallon tank (though I did talk him down from the 26-gallon one he was eyeing).  I made a mound of rocks in one corner so he could  sunbathe, and lately he’s preferred sitting with his body half in and half out of the water.


A very unrelated question: Would you guys prefer I post my Prompted 365 photos every other week like I have been doing or change that to once a week? I don’t want this blog to concentrate too heavily on my 365, but I am not sure how my readers feel about having 14 photos in one post at one time. Please let me know which you would prefer!

Lazy Caturday

Leonardo and I are tired today. We are being very lazy.

I hope you are all having a more productive day than we are!

Snowpocalypse 2011

Six inches of snow is not a big deal for most of the world, I know. I’ve seen and driven in much more snow than that in Europe (especially during our December 2008 vacation to Germany).

But Texans are unprepared and unable to deal with such weather. So last week, Joseph and I were trapped in our house for five days! Almost the entire city was closed–his work shut down, and my school cancelled classes all week. Actually, I’m home in the middle of the day right now because our classes were cancelled yet again due to snow.

On day three we took Leonardo out to play in the snow. He is an indoor cat who is always curious about the world beyond our windows, so we thought this would be a treat. We had him on a leash just in case – he’s a runner when frightened!

Look at that delicate little paw print! So pretty.

He didn’t get very far in the snow but stayed out there a good few minutes. He didn’t seem to mind the cold or the wet but was definitely on edge since he’s not used to being outside.

Cory, on the other had, is wild. He loved the snow, even though it was higher than his legs!

We played a game in which we threw his treats out into the snow. It was so deep that they would get completely buried, and he had to sniff around and dig them out.

Snow nose due to intense sniffing.

I hope you all stayed safe and warm during this weather!

Young Christmas 2010

I hope everyone had a nice holiday (or, at least a nice beak from work!). Joseph and I decided to put off making the long trip to Houston for a few more weeks, but his dad’s side of the family visited us a few days after Christmas. I’ve actually known them longer than I’ve known Joseph, so they are always fun to be around.

Joseph and I went out for Christmas Eve brunch, where I had this wonderful waffle (he had chicken fried steak and eggs–what a Texan)

We made gingerbread cookies on Christmas day! Joseph gave up on the decorating after a few tries but was much better than I was at cutting the shapes.

Joseph’s little sisters pampered Cory and Leonardo into oblivion.

Cory had so much fun playing with Caroline and Claire!

If you have musicians in your family, you know they don’t get together to play music–they jam.

Lerin’s boyfriend Chris on guitar, and Joseph’s dad Kevin with his new bass.


The next day we all visited Joseph’s grandparents. This was the first time all their grandkids and spouses had been together, so we had to take a lot of photos.

This, of course, is the best picture of the night.

Wishing you all a wonderful beginning of the new year. See you in 2011!

Happy Holidays!

I want to send a big “Thank you!” to everyone for all the support over the last few days. I never expected my dad’s Oven Hot Dogs to be such a hit! It’s especially interesting to me to hear of other families who had similar meals growing up.

I have a few posts in a queue but know most of you are busy with the holidays. This is our first time being back in the US after celebrating our own Christmases in Italy, and I’m looking forward to seeing all our families.  I have a big stack of presents I’m eager to give away!

Yesterday I went to Petsmart and did something horrible…. I bought my poor animals holiday costumes. I know, I’m awful. Thankfully my pets don’t really mind such abuse.

Poor kitty! I don’t think cat hats are actually designed with cats in mind. It’s too heavy for him to lift his little head! So he’s been wearing it as an antler hoodie and occasional antler necklace.

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