The Pets


My dad loves his ladies. He spends hours with them every day. He puts out a lawn chair and sits in the middle of their house, letting¬†them jump all over him. They clamber to him for bread, their special treat. They’ve been taught to perform a trick for it – they jump! He makes them work for the bread, but he throws the rest of the food on the ground and watches them run, pushing each other out of the way to get the food first. And they get fresh water daily. Lucky ladies! They’re a secret. Their house is built in the back of his property, locked and gated away so the neighbors don’t know. But they’re there – and they’re not going anywhere! My dad really, really loves his ladies. Here are the ladies jumping up to get bread from me. A little trick my dad taught them!…

I volunteered to make my friend Genevieve a baby blanket for the little girl she’s expecting (nicknamed gandersbaby), and she happened upon the perfect pattern! I’ve been searching for a pattern like this for ages, so it was fate! It’s a fun crochet, but Severus complicates things.

Severus is 10 months old and sometimes pretends to be an adult cat, but he’s not. Especially when he catches a glimpse of of the bag he knows I’ve been storing yarn in.

This weekend my lovely friend Victoria, who I call Tilly, came to visit! We were best friends in high school, first united by our love for Harry Potter and then Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Strokes, and foreign films. Tilly and I are so similar. I’m pretty confident that we’re soulmates.

Although we hadn’t spent more than a couple hours at a time together in over seven years, it was completely natural being in the same house together for three days. I’m so sad she’s back home. It’s hard living far from friends, especially friends who wear the same size and have such great wardrobes.

We got brunch at one of my favorite places in Fort Worth on Saturday – AF+B. They always have wonderful cocktails and the most delicious pastries and scotch eggs.

Introducing our new kitty–Severus! We are finally a two-cat (plus one dog plus one turtle) household! I think Severus is just about the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen. Seriously, look at that face! He also has the longest tail in the world. We brought him home yesterday, and he’s already proved himself to be super cuddly and playful. I’m so excited to see Severus and Leonardo grow up to become old men together :)