Embroidered French Knot Monograms

I embroidered these monograms for Joseph and myself a few weeks ago. I’m dreaming of setting them up in a round or oval frame but can’t find any at a reasonable price! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’ve read some very technical terms describing why round frames are much more difficult to make than rectangular, but I still want some!

They are made of hundreds of french knots that look like tiny roses.

The three I’ve made so far–the “c” is for an art swap I’m doing with my friend Carly. Hers is mounted on a 5×7″ white canvas

And good news for you–I’m now selling these on Etsy! If you need a handmade (keep in mind these take anywhere from four to eight hours to make!) gift or something to spice up your beside table, these are a great option. They are available in any color and letter–the sky’s the limit, really!

I’m sorry, that was some really pathetic self-promotion. But I’m very excited as I only made my shop today! I can’t wait to get many more items listed :)

More Paintings

I don’t know what’s come over me the last few months! I’ve never considered myself remotely creative or artistic but have suddenly been flooded with ideas for paintings (I’m also dreaming of carving, working with mosaic tiles, sewing, and more but those are a bit too ambitious now). No complaints here since it’s fun, and I can now produce decorations for my house exactly as I want them to be. All our walls were so bare before!

I made this for Joseph last week. I painted it one night and then hated it the next morning and completely redid it–that’s one nice thing about acrylics! He was surprised to come home and find this on the shelf by his computer.

I love texture!

I made this set for Joseph’s computer area as well:

Just kidding, these are now hung above my computer.


I feel like I need to round this off with this terrifying photo of my cat yawning

Decorating Frames

I had a bad morning and needed to make myself busy with something, so I went to the BX and bought a cinnamon roll, some cheap little frames, and a world map. The cinnamon roll was unrelated to this project but significantly improved my mood.

I just tore strips of the map and arranged them on the frame with rubber cement. I’d still like to find something to help seal them but will have to look to see what’s available around here. Edit: I soon got my hands on Mod Podge, and it fit my needs perfectly as both a glue and a sealant!  I’ve been making these for a while now, using a variety of papers and switching between glossy and matte glue.

I tried a few different designs–the one in the front has a lot of water, the middle is mainly land, and the back is a good blend of both.  It was lots of fun!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with four of the same frames but I’m still itching to make more.

Name the book (I make sure the photo had a few recognizable names)! I had to sacrifice one of my (four) copies for this, but it’s worth it. I wanted to use a novel that will make me happy when I read snippets of it on the frame.

I have the perfect photo to put in this frame!

Since I first posted this, I’ve made even more frames. I used the same book, but “antiqued” the torn pages using coffee and a flame. The frames smelled strange for a few days but are fine now!

I also finally got my hands on Mod Podge–a absolutely fantastic glue and sealant. I’m obsessed with it now!

Colorblock Painting

Let me preface this by telling you an am not an artist! Nothing revolutionary–I just picked up some paints and had fun.

The idea for this had been floating around in my head for over six months. When my [extremely talented] sister Victoria visited me over the Christmas holidays, I bombarded her with questions. The last time I’d tried to paint anything was likely with my fingers in a classroom.

I bought a set of about 20 paints and went to work! Besides the bright blue, all of the colors are mixed (is that the correct way to phrase this? I told you I know nothing about painting).

Proof that it was actually painted by myself ;) Now I’ve got a few more things to get started on!

How to: Mount an Embroidery

When I first took up embroidery a few months ago, my good friend Genevieve commented that she would love a stitching of a Boston Terrier. Since I can’t draw, I one-upped her and made a portrait of her beautiful Bostons Clementine and Hogwarts.

The embroidery is based on this photo. I’ve never met Genevieve, her boyfriend Michael, or their dogs, but I love them all! I hope I was able to capture them correctly. Af for the areas around their mouths and the gray in the crowns, I colored the areas with crayons, put a piece of white paper over them, and then ironed until the wax melted a bit.

More original drawing. I loved the way Clementine looked but couldn’t figure out what was off with Hogwarts (he looks a bit like a pig int he picture, right?) Somehow, the thread changed Hogwart’s face so that it actually looks like him!

Frames can get a bit old in a house, so I decided to mount this one and thoughts others might benefit from a mounting tutorial as little help came up when I Googled.

Prepare the fabric by ironing out the wrinkles. This is also when I cut the threads short in the back and sometimes tape them so the tied-off ends don’t show through the fabric. Then cut the fabric, making sure to leave at least half an inch around the board on each side.

Center the fabric around the canvas (you can use a variety of things here–cardboard, particle board, foam board–anything sturdy) and fold the edges under. I actually ironed the folds to keep them in place.

Using a thick thread, make a knot and begin stitching! I used a tapestry needle.

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