This is the first time I’ve tried making Italian food since moving back to Texas in July. I’d been putting it off, probably because I’m scared it won’t taste the same and I’ll forget all those tastes I grew so used to over the last three and a half years. Better to keep things in your memory than taint that memory all together, right?

But I just really needed Carbonara. I always think of Carbonara as the “breakfast pasta” just because of the eggs and bacon. It is a pretty silly association since the creamy egg sauce is more delicious than breakfast could ever hope to be (sorry, breakfast–you’re not my favorite meal).

I look forward to Puppy Chow all year round; it really is one of my favorite parts of the holidays!

I remember making this with my parents and/or my brother a lot. It was even packaged in cute little bags and handed out to my elementary school teachers a a few times. It apparently didn’t hold such significance in Joseph’s childhood, as he still seems disgusted every time I call it “Puppy Chow.”