And Lime Meltaways these are adequately named. They are crumbly and seriously melt in your mouth. I’ve been searching for more savory desserts, and these fit the bill. I ate five of them right away after they cooled (and then had a horrible stomach ache because these have a deceptive amount of butter).

I look forward to Puppy Chow all year round; it really is one of my favorite parts of the holidays!

I remember making this with my parents and/or my brother a lot. It was even packaged in cute little bags and handed out to my elementary school teachers a a few times. It apparently didn’t hold such significance in Joseph’s childhood, as he still seems disgusted every time I call it “Puppy Chow.”

The other day I had a sort of pie-related meltdown. I really needed for some reason to make a pie but had too many recipes. I was dying to use as many new appliances as much as I could. So that left me with any sort of cream pie (meringue in my new KitchenAid stand mixer!) or a Mocha Silk Pie (that requires 20 minutes of my KitchenAid mixer’s use). There were too many recipes, and I was battling having to buy ingredients since I’ve just moved here and haven’t yet found a grocery store I’m comfortable in.

Ultimately, I had to make this one. The fact that it’s basically melted milk chocolate with heavy cream and marshmallows intrigued me. With whipped cream and chopped-up Heath bars? Sign me up! Plus, I got to use my new blender to chop walnuts and even whipped out my mixer twice!