Joseph and I spent months planning our 10th anniversary trip. 7 cities, 7 plane rides, 8 hotels – 18 carefully-planned days. This quick trip to Switzerland was one of our last editions, and we really did it for one reason: we wanted a snowy winter wonderland.

Unfortunately, as happens, our 24 hours in Switzerland didn’t show us the best weather. It was rainy and cold the entire time. We landed on a Sunday and left the next Monday, and we tried to enjoy it as best we could given the weekend hours and nasty weather. There wasn’t much for us to do, especially since the one place on our list (United Nations) had closed for the season three days earlier.

We stayed in just about the cutest hotel imaginable, Hotel Edelweiss. The whole place smelled like cinnamon – that’s basically a dream come true for me! A warm, welcoming refuge to the rainy days outside. I’m a light sleeper, and every time I woke up I caught a big whiff of cinnamon and then easily fell back asleep. It was lovely!

Everyone we met in Geneva was unbelievably nice – when I asked the woman who checked us into the hotel if they had a spare umbrella, she offered to lend me hers if I could return it before the end of her shift. It wasn’t raining much, so we opted to wear our hoods and hats and go umbrellaless. We spent Sunday afternoon walking through the city and taking in the sites (of which there are admittedly few).

Geneva is a wonderful place to walk around at night – there are so many lights decorating the city. It’s beautiful! We struggled to find a cost-effective place to eat dinner, and we settled on Parfums de Beyrouth, a Lebanese restaurant. It was delicious. When can I go back?

One funny thing that stuck out to us: there are a lot of sad statues in Geneva. I only started taking photos when I noticed the theme, so we’re missing a few. I beckon you to keep an eye out for more sad statues should you visit Geneva.

The next morning we were off! We started a journey we were really, really looking forward to – a four hour train ride through the Alps to Milan. When we lived in Italy, we drove through the Alps several times to visit Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. The roads were treacherous, and we had a particularly bad time during a snow storm once, but the view was always magnificent. This is one of our favorite memories from our time abroad. Unfortunately, again, we didn’t get the winter wonderland we anticipated. It was foggy for most of the ride, so we spent a good portion of time time straining our eyes to try to see the countryside. What we did see was beautiful!

We had to pick up some snacks for the journey, of course! That package of “Ministollen” that we got from a grocery store tasted amazing!! It was a dense cake filled with dried fruits and topped with a sugar frosting. And the package label leads me to believe it had marzipan in there somewhere. I’m not sure. But it was good! I have a feeling the recipes I’ve found online for this treat will taste very different than the prepackaged one we bought.

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  1. What a precious hotel! The little garland people are the cutest! It’s too bad you missed out on the snow, but staying in such a cute place with such kind people sounds like a nice relaxing break from the hectic traveling you were doing. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. :)

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