I’ve been actively trying to attract birds to our yard this year because the cats love watching them. But we’ve had a few struggles (we can blame it on our dog, our apparently too-clean glass, and holes in a bird nest situated above our front walk), and I now have a tiny bird cemetery in the front flower bed.

But things are looking up–there’s a nest with four baby birds under our front awning! They are so cute, and I love getting to watch the mom feed them several times a day.

Leonardo and Severus are thrilled. Joseph and I have to keep a ladder on hand so we can carry them onto the windowsill above the door to watch. Although today Sev tried (unsuccessfully) to jump up there by himself… from the floor.

I hate this tiny window by the front door, but it’s the perfect size for Sev to sit and bird-watch. Not to body-shame Leonardo, but his hips are a bit too wide to fit there.

We have birds in the backyard too, but they’re not quite as fun to watch.


    • Alyssa Reply

      Hi Jess! I am doing well – I hope the same for you! I remember when we were friends on LiveJournal (back when that was active).

      I miss blogging and need to do it more!

      I’m still pretty active on Instagram if you use that – my username is @andwhiskey :)

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