Introducing our new kitty–Severus! We are finally a two-cat (plus one dog plus one turtle) household! I think Severus is just about the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen. Seriously, look at that face! He also has the longest tail in the world. We brought him home yesterday, and he’s already proved himself to be super cuddly and playful. I’m so excited to see Severus and Leonardo grow up to become old men together :)

Severus and Leonardo look so cute together. I just about die when they both look up at me with their little matching faces! Although I was a bit worried about my grumpy 8 year old man, Leonardo loves the kitty and wants to play with him nonstop.


  1. LezLee Victoriah Bushfield Reply

    I like the one of Severus crouching below "Of Human Bondage".

  2. Jaclyn Kurkimilis Reply

    oh my god the one of him biting the toy is so so cute!

  3. Ah, he is just too adorable! I’m so glad that you decided to bring him home!

    Also, I would love a tour of your bookshelves.

    • Alyssa Reply

      A tour of my office is much overdue! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while (years, actually), but I keep holding off until I have all my artwork up on the walls!

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