I’m organizing the photos on my computer, which mostly means feeling frustrated at myself for not deleting extra pictures as I went along (Seriously, Alyssa? 75 pictures of a piece of cake?). But it also means I’m taking a trip down memory lane to when we lived in Italy from 2007-2010.

I found these photos of a geocaching trip we took one day in June of 2008. By that time I was already so used to where we lived I’d stopped taking as many photos. Stumbling upon these after living in Texas for the past few years I am in awe–I’d forgotten just how beautiful Northern Italy was.

This was a 15 minute drive from our apartment. I can’t believe I ever grew accustomed to this!

We stumbled upon this tiny church in the middle of nowhere. It was built in the 8th Century. I still remember the smell when I pressed my face up to the little window to see inside.


  1. That water is like pure aqua! It’s beautiful. I remember the photos you would post all the time from your Livejournal! It made me go out and buy a DSLR :)

    • Alyssa Reply

      I remember writing about this in my LJ–I should go check it out! It’s so nice having that period well-documented in photos and journals. I wish I could say the same about right now.

      These photos were actually pre-DSLR! They were taken with a little Canon Powershot :)

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