These photos are the result of the project I gave myself to use my camera every day for two weeks. I feel like a lot of my blogger and photographer friends are encountering the same problem–our cell phones are so handy and take pretty good pictures, so why carry around a heavy DSLR (not to mention the work it takes to get the perfect shot)?

I miss the years I used my camera every day, sharing the photos even if they weren’t very interesting or important. So for two weeks I made myself pick up my camera. I loved doing this, but I have to admit it was a couple months ago, and I’ve still barely used my camera since.

Here’s a glimpse into my daily life for two weeks in November.


  1. I’m having this same problem :( I don’t even update my blog anymore. I get lost in tumblr because I enjoy making gif sets and graphics (my graphic design degree is really being used well hahahah). I’m glad you are sharing some photos though, I miss seeing more daily photos from you, Genevieve, and Sara!!

    • Alyssa Reply

      I’ve missed seeing your photos as well! I’m going to try to get back to blogging because I really do miss it, though the fact that most of my blogger friends have slowed down makes me less motivated.

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