I wanted to share just a few photos from my family’s holiday festivities.

This year was the first time since we got married that Joseph and I got to be with family while they celebrated the holidays. For the first few years of our marriage we lived overseas, and once we returned to the states I had a job that didn’t allow for much flexibility. I felt awful having to make our families reconvene weeks after Christmas to celebrate with us, so being with our families during their normal celebrations was wonderful! We spent a few days in the Houston area last week and hosted some of Joseph’s family this past weekend.

First up was my mom’s family gathering. There are so many of us now that my generation has added spouses and children to the mix (one is missing, though–my cousin Payton couldn’t make it).

This is my niece Daphne. She apparently got this headband at the Rennaisance festival several years ago. She told me, “It was very expensive. But worth it.”

My mom made my brothers and sister and I cross stitched stockings when we were young. Each took several years, so our spouses and children didn’t get the same treatment ;) I always loved that mine and my dad’s stockings were the only ones hanging to the left!

My nieces Alena and Avery playing with their bracelet making kit on Christmas morning. Joseph unfortunately came down with a bug that day, and I told the girls they weren’t allowed upstairs while he recuperated. When I went to check on him a few hours later, I found one of those bracelets around his wrist… Avery snuck upstairs and gave it to him.

Four generations on my mother’s side. I was excited to find a photo where everyone had a nice smile, and then I saw Daphne (in purple)… that made me love it anymore. That sassy face is just so Daphne.

Brent and Avery – like father, like daughter.

I keep reading articles about how “selfie” was the word of the year, so I guess it’s appropriate to include this photo of Joseph pretending to take a selfie with a fake fold-out camera.

Two of my three nieces (the third took the photo).

Two photos from my cell phone: Joseph with the soju my parents found for him, and my selfie with my niece Alena.

For fun, here is a photo Alena and I took with my Macbook in five years ago. Breaks my heart how much she’s grown up!

This past Sunday we had Joseph’s family over. There were 15 of us in total–I’ve never had so many people in my house before!

Leonardo is a total ham with visitors and was very happy to have Joseph’s family doting on him 24/7, but he got a good night’s sleep once it was just the three of us again :)

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