My cat is my soulmate. No offense to other cats (I love all cats!), but Leonardo is the greatest. He’s cuddly, communicative, and I swear he looks straight into my souls sometimes. He’s also very, very weird and a constant source of amusement.

Leonardo doesn’t much like cameras, but he’s been my primary photographic subject for years. Between the thousands of photos I’ve taken of him, I’ve captured a lot of weird faces and weird situations.

There are the inevitable “pirate” pictures.

I’ve caught him mid-meow (as I said earlier, he’s very talkative). I like to imagine this captioned, “Let me sing you the song of my people.”

Yawning and cleaning himself at the same time–illustrating how much he really does not want to sit for my camera.

And sometimes he looks like a demon when he yawns.

Sometimes he hangs out in the tub begging for water.

And then there’s this…

What to say about this? Leonardo was spending a lot of time napping on the refrigerator (and thus waking us up in the middle of the night too frequently), so we put this empty box in the way to discourage his napping.

After a couple weeks he sat in the box. Then he started really settling in, or at least trying to. He rearranges himself often in his little box attempting to get comfortable.

This was purely accidental on our part and remains really, really funny. He gets so squished up and tangled stuffed into the little box!

(Note: the last four photos were taken with my cell phone. He only climbs into his box at night–usually while we’re cooking dinner–when it’s too dark to use my real camera.)


  1. Cats are awesome :p I love how they squeeze into too-small spots. Yours seems like a real sweetheart!

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