Our first morning in DC we headed to the National Mall at 9am and had some time to walk around before the museums were open. It was nice and quiet at that time in the morning!

We could have stayed in DC for a month and still have places to visit. I planned our three days there a week in advance, with everything scheduled to the hour.

The first museum our list was the National Gallery of Art, and we broke the itinerary. We stayed for thee hours and still felt rushed. The museum is absolutely incredible! The collection is amazing, and the way everything is assembled is incredible. This is the first time I’ve gone through a museum and felt like I got a thorough walk through history and artistic development. And the architecture of the building, designs of the rooms, and layout of the art… just… wow. Every time I turned around the view of the next room took my breath away. So, so beautiful.

Next up: The National Museum of Natural History, followed by the Museum of American History (though I didn’t take any photos there)

We spent the rest of the day at the memorials around the Mall before heading to our hotel and changing for dinner. It was a lot of walking. We should have rented bikes!

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  1. we went to DC last year in July and walked around the entire city in 100+ heat. it was pretty much miserable. by 9am I was drenched.

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