I love long hair and wish more than anything mine would grow out to my waist and make me look like a mermaid. But that is never going to happen. My hair doesn’t grow long, and curly hair is damaged so easily that by the time it gets past my shoulders it really should be cut off.

I’ve been itching to cut my hair short for months, and finally did it a few weeks ago. My final inspiration was Morello from Orange is the New Black, played by Yael Stone.

I don’t think I’m ever growing my hair long again. This feels so much better! I love not having hair on the back of my neck, though not being able to pull it back in a ponytail will take some getting used to.

I got these glasses–“Romy” by Kate Spade–a few months ago and haven’t worn my contacts even once since. I’m a short-haired glasses-wearer for life now, I think.

I love the back! This cut was done by Loni at Salon Purple in Fort Worth.

A couple Instagram pictures, including my new bunny sweater from Target. I can’t wait until the weather is cool enough to wear it! Since I’m in Texas, it will be a few months :(


  1. I love that cut on you! Your hair looks great.

    I’ve got curly hair too. And right now it is LONG. Like almost down to my elbows long. Growing it out for a year for the wedding (plus a trim or three to keep the ends ok) has lead to it being longer than it has ever been before I’m pretty sure.

    I’m of two minds with my hair right now. Parts of me want to leave it, and parts of me just want to chop it off. Kudos to you for taking the plunge!

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