Guys, I did it. Finally. I made an actual article of clothing! I kind of made a skirt once before, but it ended up being completely unwearable. I was so intimidated by that pattern it took me six months to finish it, and then it ended up a disaster.

Needless to say, that didn’t help with my fear of sewing.

I can begin a knitting, crocheting, or embroidery project without a moment’s hesitation, but sewing? Sewing just terrifies me. I love clothes and am really particular about design, quality, and fit. Becoming a proficient sewing seems like the perfect way to build the wardrobe I want, but sewing projects can fail in such catastrophic ways.

I picked up this pattern (Simplicity 2286) right after I got my sewing machine when Hobby Lobby was having one of their sales where all patterns are $1. But I never got around to sewing it because I didn’t really like the way the skirt looked (and my fear didn’t help).

I’m still not totally in love, but I do have to admit I’m proud! The skirt took just a few hours to whip up, and I’ll likely be altering the pattern (it’s a bit too full for my taste as is) and making many variations.

Here are some photos from the process. It really was very easy, and I encourage everyone with similar sewing intimidation to go for it!

My materials! The pattern, a yard and a half of fabric, elastic, and rick rack. Not pictured: thread, sewing machine, measuring tape, pins, fabric pen, and scissors.

First, cut your pattern according to your size. Pin the paper onto the fabric and cut around it.

All cut! I kept the paper attached to the pieces until I was ready to use them to avoid confusion.

Sew, sew, sew, and trim the edges so they don’t fray.

Guiding the elastic through the waistband was the most time-consuming part.

Next time I maight make the waistband a bit wider.

I’ll also probably omit the rickrack on the pockets. I love rickrack, but I think it’s too girlish with this skirt.

The end result!

Like I said, I’m going to alter the pattern a bit and make another. I’m thinking a heavy cotton in navy.


  1. it’s a nice skirt! I can think if some pretty colors to try the pattern with! you did a great job! love your pins and photography!

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  3. Mary Smithers Reply

    hi! i am making this skirt for my assessment at school, its coming along well. With the gathering did you start from each end then pull the thread? on the pattern it has the notches in the middle where you are meant to start the gathering so i have done it like that but it doesn’t look that great, should i gather from end to end? Good job on your skirt though; it looks great! xoxox

  4. Mary Ann Wilson Reply

    Hi there,
    I’m not new at sewing, but I’m using this pattern and I find the waist band doesn’t fit like it should. If I gather just the areas of the skirt the instructions show, the waist band is too small. Did you find that to be the case or am I missing something?


    • Alyssa Reply

      I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made this that I can’t quite remember anything more about the construction than I wrote here!
      I bet we can troubleshoot your issue, though. Is the problem that the waistband elastic is too short, is the shortness in the fabric itself?

      This was the first garment I ever made, and although I knew nothing of making alterations I did find that it fit very well right away.

      • Mary Ann Wilson Reply

        I finished it without any trouble, but I had to match the waist band up differently than the pattern showed. I had to gather the skirt more than just in the area it instructs or the waist band doesn’t match up properly. It is a darling skirt though. I made mine out of velvet and wore it with a red top and red tights on Christmas Eve.

        • Alyssa Reply

          Glad it worked out for you! A velvet skirt sounds LOVELY!

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