Polka & Bloom Wedding Embroidery

I embroidered this for my sister-in-law and now-brother-in-law’s wedding last month. I hadn’t worked on an embroidery in a while–it was so nice to pick up the needle again!

This beautiful pattern is a design by Polka & Bloom. I’ve admired her intricate work for a while and am so glad I finally had reason to buy one of her patterns. This was a lot of fun to embroider, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

I paid particular attention to the text because Lerin works in printing, so I wanted it to be perfect! But I had never done so many satin stitches and don’t really ever want to again!


  • So cute! :)

    8 April 2013
  • sheri

    that’s beautiful!

    8 April 2013
  • so in love with this!

    8 April 2013
  • This is just lovely. How did you transfer the pattern to the fabric ?

    12 February 2015
  • Thank you! I printed out the pattern and traced it onto the fabric. I just did this on a flat surface with lots of natural light, but you can also tape both the paper and cloth up to a window to let the sun shine through so you can better see the pattern.

    17 February 2015
  • Did you use a special marker ? Or a sharp pencil ?

    21 February 2015
  • I typically just use a mechanical pencil to draw embroidery patterns. Every now and then I sometimes have to go back over what I've drawn because the pencil marks gradually fade and/or transfer when touched.

    24 February 2015
  • Alyssa Young I had gotten a water-soluble marker just before your reply so I'm going to try that. Thanks for the advice though. It's taking me awhile to get this project going !

    1 March 2015
  • Jessica A

    I love this! Great job! Did you use DMC floss? What colors did you use and how did you pick them?

    6 April 2015
  • Alison Soderberg

    This is beautiful! I’m thinking of making this for my sister’s wedding. Did you use DMC floss? What colors did you use? Thanks!

    2 November 2016

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