I’m struggling for words here. Lerin and I first met in 2000 and became instant friends. Neither of us expected I would marry her brother seven years later. In fact, we’re all still getting used to the way this worked out.

I’m so happy I got to join her family in celebrating the marriage of such a wonderful couple. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of holidays and family gatherings together (plus annual Creepy Couple Portraits). Chris, you and I really did marry into the greatest family in the world!

While the ceremony was tender and traditional, the reception was pretty wild. Hours and hours of dancing, with and without costumes.


  1. Beautiful. Your blog made me all teary-eyed at work, but in a good way <3

  2. Wow Alyssa, these really turned out beautifully. You did a fantastic job — what a gorgeous wedding!

  3. Lisa Curry Freeman Reply

    Wow…That is Lerin? She has always been so beautiful.

  4. (Cont) marrying into the “luckiest” family in the world – to have you and Chris.

  5. Alyssa these are beautiful! I would be so happy just to have a book full of these! Thank you for all your work and for….

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  7. these are great! what a good job you did for them, bet they love the pics…I really like the tables with the small books on them. Lerin and her dress are really beautiful

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