I’ve just realized I am horribly overdue for an update on my pet turtle, Lazar Wolf (so named after Tzeitel’s almost-husband in Fiddler on the Roof). Last you heard, he was a tiny baby with four feet. A lot has happened since then.

Most remarkably, his foot fell off. You can kind of see in the last photo from the post I linked above–his front left foot had gotten crushed. Once we noticed how bad it was, he weren’t sure if he was going to make it through. Then the foot started decaying, and we tried to not get too attached. He was so, so tiny I didn’t see how his body could keep going.

But Lazar Wolf made it through and keeps growing. He is a pretty dexterous guy with his little nub and loves to swim.

Lazar Wolf as he is today:

Lazar Wolf in his tank in March 2011:

He is much too big for that tank now:

Fitting on top of his log is a bit of a struggle as well:

Since he doesn’t have much room to move around (and has a pretty tiny brain), he gets himself into sticky and frustrating situations. Sometimes he looks at me accusingly.

Despite being overdue for a new tank, Lazar Wolf has a good life. We weren’t overly enthused when my dad recommended we take him home as a pet, but things have changed since then. I never would have expected myself to appreciate him for his personality–he is a turtle, after all–but he really is pretty funny. His grumpy little face is so endearing!


  1. Is he a painted turtle? He makes me miss Pete, my little guy I had a few years ago. They really do like getting stuck in strange corners!!

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      He is a yellow bellied slider! Don’t tell him that, though–he takes offense at being called yellow-bellied.

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