It’s not worth asking how these photos happened. Let’s call it a Christmas miracle. Joseph helped me prop them up on boxes in front of the Christmas tree, which was highly confusing, and then we made all sorts of strange noises to keep their attention. The end result was so much better than we could have predicted!

I took photos of Leonardo first, and he purred the entire time. I don’t know if he just likes the attention or what. After a few minutes when we were about done he made one small meow, as if to ask if he could get down now, and then jumped down and walked off after I consented.

I’m amazed I was able to get these photos and am incredibly impressed with their expressions! Look how full of hope they are! We loved these so much we sent them out as our Christmas card, which I imagine some of our family members found strange. But most of the envelopes were addressed to cats or dogs, so it’s okay.

I have been getting a lot of grief for not including our beloved Lazar Wolf in the portrait session, but he is stressed out too easily to handle. Can this crude photoshop make up for it? He is obviously overflowing with warm thoughts of the holiday season.


  1. Did I tell you that my mom looked at your card and was so confused by Lazar Wolf’s absence? She didn’t ask about the lack of humans. She just said “I don’t get it… There are three pet names here and only two pets.” I explained that he was a turtle and therefore probably not super photogenic in front of a tree or whatever. Anyway, then she spent a lot of time talking about the character of Lazar Wolf.

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      Next year I’ll send out a photo of Lazar Wolf and just not include any names!

      Did she talk about the character of Lazar Wolf from Fiddler in the Roof? Or the character of my pet Lazar Wolf, the racist Vietnam vet?

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