I love the colder seasons. I love leaves falling and crinkling under my feet and the months of soft sunlight. I love the frigid air everyone else seems to hate and being welcomed inside by a mound of cozy blankets and hot chocolate.

But I’ve had my air conditioner rather than my heater running every day this December. Granted, we’re only four days in, but that’s still something. Joseph and I set up our Christmas tree while it was 82°F outside. We’re at least trying to believe that it will eventually be winter.

I pulled out my homemade (construction paper) heart bokeh lens hood for this one.

I knit these stockings last year but was so tired of looking at them I put them away mid-December. I decided to add the finishing touches and finally hang them up this year.

I made pumpkin ice cream for Thanksgiving using this recipe. I actually bought author David Lebovit’s book, The Perfect Scoop, over the summer and had marked up all the recipes I couldn’t wait to try. But three days later I somehow lost in in my house, and it has yet to turn up…

Joseph’s 30th birthday was last weekend. Happy birthday, old man! Too bad our devoted cat is so apathetic towards our celebrations.

I’ll spare you the details of the house decorations, but you can see more photos from Christmas 2010 and Christmas 2011.


  1. I love your nutcrackers! My little sisters collect a new one every year, so last year we got them a Canadian Mountie one.

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