See Part 1 of our Disney Magic Western Caribbean cruise here!

Naturally, Joseph and I did a lot of research before the trip. We were obsessed with for a few weeks. The message boards are full of talk about the cheese plate that’s not listed on the room service menu. We ordered it along with two gigantic chocolate cookies for a snack one day (Did I mention how much weight we gained? All our “snacks” on top of four course meals are to blame.)

Joseph and I were not at all interested in the “Pirates in the Caribbean” night, but once we were on board I guess we got caught up into the world of Disney and wanted to dress up too! We couldn’t resist buying a couple things at the shop on the ship. Mickey made a grand entrance by ziplining across the top deck and setting off the fireworks show.

Formal night we were ready for, though. I’ll take any chance to wear my favorite black dress.

I didn’t make a point to take photos of our nightly towel animals, but I really liked that this one was wearing my glasses!

I’ll close this post with a couple more rooms of the ship. First, the anchor room. I’m guessing we are the only people interested in photos like this. We were really excited to watch a virtual tour of the off-limit rooms, like the engine room, one day. But when we got to the deck where the movie was playing we were the only people there!

I’m glad we got to see the restaurant Palo during a daytime tour before our dinner reservation–you don’t often get pictures of beautiful empty restaurants! When we eventually got to eat there, we were blown away. It was especially great for us because Palo is Northern Italian cuisine. I didn’t realize how much we missed it after living in Texas for two years!


  1. Alyssa, Is it strange to be excited about your Disney trip/photos…cause I am! I love them and you and your husbands adventures! I love any couple that will unabashedly don Mickey Mouse ears!


  2. That cheese plater… looks AMAZING! And I remember on my cruise I a few years ago I was always excited to see what towel art I had waiting in my room that night lol Once they made an angel out of my pajamas, haha.

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      haha, that is so cute! I kind of loved when he did anything with my belonging like that. He folded any clothes we left out and even hung my semi-wet bikini in the shower for me!

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