Hello everyone, this is your favorite cat Leonardo again! I’m here to discuss an important issue with you.

You may think I have a good life. I know my most recent post was about napping. But let me assure you, solid naps are few and far between. I live in constant fear… constant fear of Joseph and Alyssa.

They are abusive.

So I guess this blog is my cry for help. Please do something about this. I like to think I am a good cat, but they are awful. Yes, I am usually purring the entire time. And I stick around and rub against their legs after being tortured. But that means nothing. It is Stockholm Syndrome! Save me!


    • alyssabyoung Reply

      Absolutely not, I hate him. But he is terrified of me and won’t make eye contact, so I could easily tame him if I wanted.

      One time Joseph and Alyssa made us hold hands (touch paws). It did not end well.

  1. You are always welcome in my safe cat haven, Leonardo. I don’t have dogs and I allow cats on the couch.

  2. Our new tabby kitten Bella is the same way. She comes back for more every time. And she purrs, too. Odd. Why do you furry creatures act like you enjoy something when you really don’t? Sillies.

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      I actually think he does enjoy it and only pretends like he doesn’t because he is so very cool. Otherwise I don’t think he would put up with it. I really love this about him! Lately we have been throwing him on the bed (a la Hermes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYSoy71ib7A). He howls and howls when the toss starts but then runs back for more. He gets a lot of air too–much more than the kitten in the video!

  3. That’s adorable! You’ve given me an idea. I must try this tonight and see what she does! lol It’s more crazy to me because I’ve never been a cat person but this crazy feline has pretty much converted me. I suppose it helps that she’s so obviously part dog.

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