I started crocheting a few years ago with one goal in mind: to make a granny square blanket. Success! I started this baby in January and finally finished eight months later.

I realize you can’t gauge its size by the photos, but the blanket is in total over 165 squares. It’s big and heavy, but the little holes keep it from overheating.

I used Attic 24’s Summer Garden Granny Square pattern–I really like the circular centers.


  1. Well I am just so glad that Leonardo finally has his own blanket. I can’t believe that you made him wait 8 months, but at least it’s finally done.

  2. Wow, so wonderful! It looks fantastic Alyssa. I’ve always wanted a granny-square blanket too.

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      I remember talking to you about wanting to make one! I had been putting it off because I wasn’t looking forward to weaving in all those ends and then stitching the squares together, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I really enjoyed creating all the little squared too–each one was fun and exciting! The only downside was the expense of buying all hat yarn, but that’s too be expected I suppose.

  3. This is one gorgeous blanket! Hours and Hours of work! I love the colour way in particular. I write about crochet in my blog, I’ve started linking to inspirational crochet links for the people that stop and I would love to feature your lovely piece of crochet work if I got your permission – if it sounds like something you would be happy to do, please get in touch, I can’t find your email – probably a lot to do with the fact I am up late! Hope to hear from you


  4. Granny square blankets are so lovely to snuggle into. I’ve got the squares for one all built, but am only about half way through attaching them all together. Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Hey – great to hear back from you – could you drop me a mail nomoredisco*@*googlemail.com with two photos of your choice/the name of the yarn you used/how long it took you and where you are in your relationship with crochet (!) will link back to your blog ? Thanks :)

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      I am not completely certain…. I am glad I didn’t keep track of how much this blanket cost me!
      I think I had nine different colors but did not use the full skeins of each. I have quite a bit leftover purple and dark blue because they are such bright colors I didn’t use them as much. I also didn’t use as much of the light blue and yellow–those were leftover from another project and I did not buy new skeins when they ran out. I believe I used four or five skeins of white yarn.

      So, give or take 14? Geez!

  6. I’m thrilled to finally see this come to fruition! It looks beautiful and you’ve painstakingly created it all yourself, something to be proud of!

  7. Soooo beautiful. I was so inspired i am making one now! I looked at the original instructions and it says to start rounds 3 and 4 with a chain-4. Shouldnt that be chain-5? Since all of the other corners have chain-2 in between eah of the dc sets? Just wondering if you used chain-4 as instructed and had any problems. Again sooo beautiful!

    • alyssabyoung Reply

      Wow, what a compliment! What kind of colors are you using? I want to make a few more–they are always so beautiful!

      I did chain-4! At least I think I did. It was all muscle memory so I can’t really dissect it, but I’m sure I followed those directions exactly.

  8. Im using a mix btween corals and blue/greens. I love how the brighter colors look on the cream background. Im glad to hear you dis chain4, thats what ive been doing for the 20 squares i have finished and i knooow id lose momentum if i had to start over!

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