Do you guys like caving? I absolutely do not. But I agreed to go along with Joseph to InnerSpace Cavern on our way home from Austin. Sorry, Joseph, but that is the last time I’ll be going to a cave with you.

We went to a cave once before in Slovenia, and I have to say the difference was striking. In America everything feels very safe; the pathways are wide and well-paved and have handrails. In Slovenia we crossed a rickety wooden bridge 50 feet above a fast-moving river.

I’m proud of myself for not having a panic attack as we walked in. I was very, very close. Joseph actually bought the picture they took right as we go into the cave, and I look hilariously uncomfortable. He has it sitting on his desk because he apparently enjoys my misery.

Even though it was not an overwhelmingly fun experience for me, I can’t deny the caves were beautiful.

The above photo was from the last top of the tour. It was actually very beautiful with the water reflecting the cave (but not photographing well). When we turned around and made our quick hike back out and the air became more clear, however, I was reassured of my place above the earth.

Joseph enjoyed being in the cave, and I enjoyed surviving the experience (honestly, I was pretty proud of myself for not crying… though I cried a bit in the parking lot when I realized I was actually about to go in a cave).


  1. I had a similar experience with caves, only I was not the one with the panic attack.

    My grandma insisted that we go to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and I was so, uhh, confused as to why as it really involves everything she is horrible at (going up and down stairs, being outside, being underground, walking in dirt, walking on rocks, being around bats, being around spiders, being in the dark, etc. etc. etc). I had an okay time, but I was so distracted by her freaking out that it wasn’t exactly my best experience in nature. I’d probably prefer to do something like this in the future with someone who is not horrified by nature’s mere existence.

  2. I love caves! I went to my first one on vacation this year in Yosemite.
    It’s funny b/c seeing your cave photos reminds me a lot of my cave photos. I guess caves generally look the same :)

    • Alyssa Reply

      You know, I actually thought the exact same thing when I saw your cave pictures!

  3. I’ve been to the Inner Space Caverns before! I loved it, but I can definitely see how caves could make one nervous. Have you see the Planet Earth episode on Caves? So scary (but cool)!

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