Meet my friend Genevieve! We first met online a few years ago, when I lived in Italy and she in California. We both ended up moving to DFW but live on opposite sides of the metroplex so haven’t seen each other nearly enough. She’s moving to Seattle in a few days and came to visit me before leaving!

Yes, she is absolutely, incredibly beautiful. She is also a very talented photographer–you can see her work here. It’s not worth trying to hate her, either. She’s also impossibly sweet. I am going to miss having her in the metroplex but look forward to a trip to Washington!


  1. Jessica / Bohemia Heart Reply

    Lovely photos! I especially love the first one, is that film?

    • Alyssa Reply

      Thank you! No the first one is digital, but I’ll be posting the film photos later this week!

      • Jessica / Bohemia Heart Reply

        It looks like film! Maybe because it’s so light?

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