2 October: Guilty Pleasure
This is what happens when I leave bread out. Leonardo eats through the plastic to get just a few bites.

3 October: Faded

4 October: Down

5 October: Brown
I bought that bag for the trip we took to Vegas!

6 October: Creation

7 October: Purity

9 October: Hair

13 October: Problem
I can’t recall why I decided to take this picture for the day’s prompt…

14 October: Fantasy

16 October: Smart
Hiking in Las Vegas (more of that here). Smart footwear!

17 October: Give Up
This happened twice! You can see the rest of my Vegas photos at my Travel tag.

20 October: Wish
The Rangers were in the World Series! But yet again they were #2.

21 October: Mask
I had this mask after for a skit I did for a class. Creepy, isn’t it?

22 October: Forgetful
I memorize kanji well enough for quizzes, but after that I just can’t hold onto it.

23 October: Insanity
You know things that you really shouldn’t like but still do? These grocery store cookies are horrible, but I somehow can’t help but love them.

24 October: Vacation
Back from Las Vegas but still behind on laundry.

28 October: Progress
Our house is a constant work in progress. These branches in the vase are a new addition!

29 October: Fashion

30 October: Stamp


    • Alyssa Reply

      I was actually going to mention that you were catching up at around the same spot in my post. But I didn’t want to draw the comparison–you absolutely outshine me! haha :) Regardless, I love that we’re at about the same spot! It’s a nice way to rehash the year together.

    • Alyssa Reply

      Thank you! I love it a lot! I happened upon it at a discount store here, and it was only $30! They are normally over $100, I think. It is nice quality and a great size. It came with a cute little matching toiletries bag too!

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