Neither Joseph nor I are big on gambling, but of course, we were in Vegas. There’s really not much else to do. We stuck with the slot machines and actually came out ahead, but it still terrifies me!

This machine was set on tormenting me. This happened TWICE. Notice neither row is actually on the line, making me a loser. Ugh.

I ate a crepe for breakfast at the Paris buffet, and then we sat down for a bit of gamblin’

Everything on the strip is so nice and so beautiful! I couldn’t help sneaking a few pictures of bathrooms.

Photo at the Bellagio. More on this later! That is such a beautiful hotel.

I’m really excited I got to meet up with my friend Sarah, who I met online a few years ago and who happens to live in Vegas. Isn’t she beautiful?? We had a great lunch at the Wynn, which offers a lot of Vegan options for her (another seriously beautiful hotel–more on that one later too!)

Just a corner of one of the shopping centers. Seriously beautiful!

New York New York:

Our hotel, the MGM Grand:

As for shows, we very sadly got our dates confused and missed the one we were looking forward to–The Lion King. The tickets were nonrefundable, of course, and they are leaving at the end of the year. :( We did get to catch Cirque du Soleil’s Ka but were extremely disappointed in it. They held it at an absolutely incredible theater with an amazing moving stage, but there was almost no acrobatics. We were looking forward to seeing something like Downtown Disney’s La Nouba, which we really loved. Ka had one ribbon dance (which honestly wasn’t incredibly impressive considering what I saw at La Nouba), a one baton twirling act, and a segment of shadow puppets. Like, shadow puppets you make with your hands on the wall illuminated by light. This was not at all what we were looking for, and I found myself wanted to walk out (which I have never done at any kind of performance).

That kind of put a bitter taste on the night, but it was still overall a great trip. I just should have done more research because it seems other people who didn’t like Ka were also hoping it was more like La Nouba.


  1. The idea of gambling makes me so nervous! I know that it’s what one is supposed to do while in Vegas, but I think I would find it very hard to put any amount of money in a slot machine! (Playing cards, maybe.) Glad to hear you guys came out on top!

    Also, sorry to hear that Ka was such a disappointment. When I hear Cirque du Soleil, I think of breathtaking acrobatics, stunning costumes, everything I saw on TV as a kid.

  2. I have also been disappointed in the recent Cirque du Soleil performances. It seems that every year it gets more and more “eh”. The costumes seem to get crazier, but that’s not the point unfortunately.

    And I love these pictures, especially the one of you and Sarah!

  3. I absolutely dislike gambling, I think I’ve spent a total of $10 in a slot machine (we call them poker machines here!) and I immediately regretted it. I remember thinking wow, I could have bought lunch with that tomorrow haha

    Although if I were in Las Vegas I think I would gamble, mostly because it’s Las Vegas!

    Your photos are beautiful as always and everything looks so grand and sparkly and shiny over there!

  4. These are so great! I hate gambling too. I’ve never tried it, but Lee went to Vegas for our friend Andy’s bachelor party two years ago and gambled a little. He actually won a little but I still don’t like it.

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