Joseph and I just returned from half a week in Las Vegas. It was kind of a strange destination for us considering the places we normally travel, but we needed a relaxing vacation and a break from school and work. Vegas requires very little thinking or planning–it fit the bill perfectly.

Before I flood you with photos from the bright city, I’ll share our first day. We flew in early and spent the morning hiking at Red Rock Canyon before driving for a quick tour of Hoover Dam. It was kind of a last-minute decision, and I’m really glad we spent the early part of the trip this way.

I’m normally not a fan of this dry landscape (I love and miss my Dolomites), but it really was incredibly beautiful in person.

Hoover Dam:

One of the best parts of the day: stopping for lunch at In-N-Out! We got our very first one here in Fort Worth a few months ago, but it had been too crowded for me to try. When we realized the chain was in Nevada, we immediately knew where we wanted to go. It definitely lived up to the hype, but I felt like a dork ordering everything off the “secret menu.”


  1. I’ve heard so much about in and out burgers! The food looks delicious. We spent most of our time at The Cheese Cake Factory so didn’t get a chance to check this place out. Great photos of Vegas!

  2. The colors and formations of the rocks in that canyon are swoon-worthy! It all looks so beautiful and majestic!

    • Alyssa Reply

      It was really breathtaking! I’m glad at least some of that came through in the photos :)

  3. Ugh seeing pictures of your In-N-Out burger is making my stomach growl! (I’m at work and it’s nearly lunchtime). I know this sounds silly, but I truly believe In-N-Out is better on the West Coast. I’m not sure why (it’s not the beef), but either way, I think it’s good that you had it closer to where it’s actually from for the first time. Everyone I’ve brought to it in TX, who didn’t have it before, was less impressed.

    This canyon is so lovely!

  4. This all makes me miss the desert terribly. Even In-n-Out. Hope you are well, Alyssa!!

  5. I’m going to agree with everyone else and say, woah that In-n-Out food makes my tummy rumble!! It looks delicious :) Your photos came out beautiful Alyssa, I really can get a feel of how massive and arid the land is and how it just seems to stretch endlessly.

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