Leonardo has always been interested in the world outside our walls, but actually going outdoors is just too overwhelming. So he spends a lot of his time gazing out windows.

This was one of his favorite spots in our apartment in Italy–the big window in the kitchen. It was frequently open to release the kitchen’s heat, so he got to smell all sorts of nature! Plus, he could see into our neighbors’ yards and watch them walk in and out of their houses.

Before buying our house here in Fort Worth, we stayed in a hotel for a few weeks. Our room was right by the front entrance, and I often came home to find him staring right out this window. I’m sure all the hotel occupants knew of him!

Now he has a quite different view out the back window.

Although definitely not friends, they like to play together through the protection of the glass windowpane. They do this multiple times a day, beginning at 6:50 every morning.

I took this photo to show off the wreath I made last year and then noticed Leonardo’s little face in the window. Every time we check the mail, we come back to find Leonardo right there with his mouth moving frantically and his meows muted by the door. I laugh every time.

Joseph got a ladder to put Leonardo on the windowsill above the front door so he could watch the birds outside.


  1. Oh, this is such a lovely post of Leo. Pumpkin is the same way (surprise), he’ll spend hours staring out the window but the second you actually try to take him outside he freaks out. I remember when he was a tiny kitten, my roommate’s kitten busted out the screen door and took off outside (scary!) and Pumpkin escaped too, but spent maybe ten minutes outside before he tried to squeeze back inside, squishing himself between the door and the screen.

    Last year we tried to take him out on a lead and he sat on my lap trembling while Morn explored outside. Haha, goofball.

  2. This was such a cute post of Leo! I have literally been checking everyday to see if you’ve blogged yet, and I was so happy when I saw this today! I laughed at the photo of Leonardo in the window by the door. Cats can be so comical with their behaviors. I have dogs, so their quirkiness is a lot more obnoxious than a small cat’s. But anywho.. Great photos! And keep blogging, missy! : )

  3. Lovely post. The two close up photos of Leo at the window with his eyes almost and then entirely closed I think sum up cats perfectly in general. Love the silhouettes!

  4. I loled so hard at him in the wreath photo. I didn’t see him until I read it and that is just so darn cute.

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