I mentioned a while ago that my dad gave me his old SLR. I wanted to play around with film for a while so was overjoyed! I shot my first roll pretty quickly (in a matter of days, I mean) because I was so anxious to see how they turned out. I got that roll back pretty quickly, but it’s taken me this long to get proper scans to share with you.

It was a bit nerve-wrecking but SO much fun. Film makes everything so important! I liked being nervous about how photos would turn out and enjoyed getting back prints of photos I had forgotten I’d taken. Mind you, I am entirely of the digital age and never so much as put a roll of film in a camera. I’m hooked now.

My cousin Ellen was in the area, and we went to dinner (at Jakes) in downtown Fort Worth.

The beautiful Bass Performance Hall

This one is my favorite of the roll. I was nervous about these photos because I was using so much light, but they came out just as I wanted. I love the natural vignette! I used my zoom lens for the last two.

Not the most exciting roll of film, I know! Mostly little things around my house because I was anxious to see how they turned out. My next roll, I hope, will be more interesting!


  1. So lovely. Each photo gets better and better. I have been so hesitant to actually shoot film but I get closer and closer each day, I think. My first roll in the Olympus remains undeveloped from 2008, yikes. Did you pick up a scanner in the end? (Sorry, I’m curious so I’m prepared!)

    • Alyssa Reply

      Thanks so much, Sara! I want you to shoot film too! It’s fun!

      I sent my developed film to ScanCafe. I won’t do that again, though. They took forever, and it ended up costing a lot (an unavoidable $15 in shipping alone!! I had no idea it would be so much until it was too late, ugh).

      I’m planning on sending my next roll to Mpix or York Photo to develop and scan.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the way film looks, even though we are in the digital age:-) Goodness, I need to get me a big girl camera soon! xoxo

  3. It’s amazing that this is all I used to use, and now, if I were to try again, I’d probably fail miserably, haha! Okay, that was negative. I’ll probably be fine but a lot more nervous since I haven’t taken film in about two years. Oh well. YOURS are fantastic, dear. I can’t wait to see more. : )

  4. Oh I love these! I’m still very much a fan of the film camera, although I don’t have an SLR or any of these fancy new diana’s, etc. I prefer a disposable camera – but you wouldn’t get the beautiful shots you’ve achieved here. The last two are my favourites, the lighting is beautiful. Just perfect.

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