I was hoping to have another blog post before this batch of Prompted 365 because I’m starting to find these photos incredibly uninteresting. I’m very sorry if you do too! I’m limiting which photos I post so that you’ll get to see only the best rather than all 365.

July marks my entering into the second half of the project! It’s really draining, and my last week of photos have been pretty awful (truth be told, I haven’t even taken the last four days’ worth). But I’m determined not to quit at this point, so I’m searching for inspiration and energy to complete it.  It’s just one silly photo every day, but it really is tough to keep on track.

Good news: I got a job! I’m working retail at a large chain bookstore and am having a blast so far. Eight hours hunting down books is hard on my body, though, and the truly horrible heat wipes out all my energy.  It feels amazing to actually get paid for something I enjoy, but I’m afraid much of my paycheck will go straight back to the store thanks to my great employee discount.

Last Friday, Joseph and I celebrated one year since leaving Italy. Well, we did not really celebrate. Joseph didn’t really seem to care, but I was a little sad to think of the home and life we left overseas. I’ve been working on something to celebrate our year here, but it isn’t ready yet. Hopefully I will be able to post that for you soon!

3 July: Cute
Confession: I have a かわいい (kawaii) addiction. It makes me feel kind of disgusting and weeaboo-ish, especially since studying Japanese in college. It started with good intentions when I bought packets of stationary at the 100円 store in Okinawa in high school. But it spiraled, and I have quite a collection now (the above photo does not include everything). I do use my stationary and little notepads often, but still I try to keep myself away from cute things so I won’t buy too much. I’m running out of room in my drawers. You can see a few detailed photos at at my Flickr here.

5 July: Happy
New earrings from Francesca’s.

6 July: Shiny

7 July: “A people without faith in themselves cannot survive.”

8 July: Sacrifice
You thought you had to give up Caramel deLights/Samoas when the Girl Scouts stop selling them? Nope. I was not going to post this photo (because it’s not very good!) but feel it my duty to spread the word about these cookies. They taste almost exactly like the Girl Scouts’.

9 July: Melody
Joseph’s grandmother, who used to own an antique store, gave him this beautiful book many years ago. It was published in 1901.

10 July: Expectations
Joseph and I had plans to spend the day with Catherine and her boyfriend Mark on Sunday, but I had to cancel when I got food poisoning.  Instead of eating lunch and browsing museums, I was in bed with my netbook and Leonardo, who always senses when I’m sick and stays by my side for the entirety of it.

11 July: Innocent

12 July: Need
I was still sick at this point. Focused photos of me are not happenin’ in that state.


  1. A bookstore sounds perfect! like you I’d be spending all I made there on books lol

    • Alyssa Reply

      There are a lot of huge readers like you. I’m always shocked when people come in and spend $200 on books, but I’d say selling them is more refreshing than most retail. I get genuinely excited when I think about the fun hours they’ll spend with their purchases!

      It’s definitely a nice place to work. Being around books all day long has to be good for ones health, right? :)

  2. I used to work at the College of William & Mary Bookstore in Colonial Williamsburg and all I spent my money on was books. I own maybe over 400 now. Yikes! And I totally know what you mean about the cookies. They are my absolute favorite EVARRR! And no, darling, your photos are gorgeous, no matter what. I’m in a bit of a slump right now with exams coming up and trying to move out of my parents and whatnot. Life is stressful at the moment. : /

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