12 June: Love
Yes, you have already seen this photo! But I really wanted it to kick off this post.

13 June: Hidden
I’m constantly finding remnants from a past life scattered throughout my house.
From February 2009, I believe this is a ticket stub came from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The internet tells me “povratna odrasli” means “adult return,” so I think this might be from a funicular that took us up to the castle (and then returned us to the bottom, naturally).
This reminds me of my photo for “Doorway”

14 June: Blue
Joseph and I awoke the morning of the 14th to find his car window smashed in. We don’t usually park in the driveway but have been having trouble with our garage door opening, so this was really bad timing. The thieves took his work computer but thankfully overlooked both our GPSes and didn’t touch my car. We activated our home security system that day; having our car broken into in our driveway, just feet from our front door, was much too close.

Not blue in color, but it makes me feel blue. Okay, I’m reaching. But I like some of these photos to document the things happening my in my life so wanted to stick with it. Until that morning, I had planned on showing off all the blue in my wardrobe since I wear the color more than any else. This is much more interesting.

15 June: Family
Serendipitous timing for the day–Joseph’s grandparents surprised us by coming into town and taking us out to his Papa’s favorite restaurant Cracker Barrel. I took this photo while playing around in the store after dinner. It was featured on The Pioneer Woman’s photography blog! Everyone knows I am a huge PW fan, so I was over the moon to know she enjoyed my photo. It’s something I really needed, as I’ve been in a bit of a photographic funk lately.

16 June: Health
There was nothing healthy about June 16th. For the record, Wataburger’s new honey mustard chicken club is pretty good, though the local restaurant definitely skimped out on the onion rings Joseph and I were sharing.

16 June: Wood
The new nighstand in our guest bedroom.

20 June: Mental

21 June: Plain
A plain white girl in a plain white dress.


  1. I’d like to be the first to say, that from what I’ve read and seen here, you’re anything but plain. :)

  2. Yes..Feb 09 was when I was there for my 11 day adventure and you guys treated me to a trip to Slovenia! I loved that day, especially the open air market. I still remember how orange the oranges were! Like you, I need visual reminders, especially as I am getting older. Photos are wonderful for that.

    Also, really like the white dress picture but you are not plain. You are rare. I’m sure Joseph would agree.

  3. I love Sudoku!! I’m so sorry about your husband’s car. That stuff freaks me out. We live in such a secluded, woodsy area, but a year ago some kids broke into a house in our neighborhood while the family was asleep and took her purse and a computer and some other random things. They woke up the next morning to the mess. That would scare the hell out of me. I hope you all don’t have that problem again.

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