Look what I did! Last week I somehow managed to drag Joseph into a field for portraits. Seriously, this was a miracle. We’ve both complained about having no good photos together, and I thought it was high time to fix that! We had a lot of fun, but I wish I had taken more photos. Do you think I’ll be able to talk him into a second photo shoot?


    • Alyssa Reply

      You two recently got such great photos with your engagement portraits! But it is fun to head out with a tripod and do it alone :)

  1. Fifth from the bottom!!!!!!!!!!

    These are sooo fantastic. It’s always such a huge deal to trek out alone and do these but they are always worth it!

    • Alyssa Reply

      That’s the photo Genevieve liked too! I was being a brat and making a whiny face :P

      This field actually isn’t such a trek–it’s right behind the library (about a three minute drive from home). We parked there after hours and just took a few steps out of the car.

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