There was a bigger gap in posting than I anticipated, but I’ve been distracted this week. For one, I finally got my website up! I designed it months ago, and it feels great to finally see it. So please have a look around!

It’s just a casual personal website because I use the domain as part of my email address. I know when I hand out a weird email people want to go check out what it’s all about, so I’m happy to have something I’m proud of at the address.

And bigger than that–there is a coordinating layout for In the Wabe! That will take a lot more work, so I can’t say when the change will be made, but hopefully it comes soon.

P.S. the front of of my website uses four randomized images, so refresh a few times to see the other options!

26 May: Test
Joseph had a Linear Algebra test that day! He’s nearly done with a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and doesn’t have many tests for these classes, so it was strange timing for the prompt.
By the way, that orange blur at the top of the photo is Leonardo

27 May: Closet
I painted my guest bedroom that day, starting with tape around the trim, ceiling, and closet and using a paintbrush to get those edges. The paint in the above photo is wet and looks different than the dried paint. I really like the color I ended up with and am thinking of starting a “Home Tour” series here, starting with this room.

29 May: Paper
Decorations for my sister’s graduation celebrations

30 May: Orange
Beautiful flowers my parents bought my sister.

31 May: Landscape
Best viewed on black. A friend also doing the 365 Project with me pointed out the similarities between the flower colors and Captain Crunch Berries cereal (which happens to be my favorite!). I love creative thinkers :)

1 June: Sweet
My favorite candy!

3 June: Framed
I finally hung up this frame Joseph’s grandmother gave me a few months ago. I never felt like I found the perfect spot for it so just stuck it in a hallway. Now I really like it there!

4 June: Tree
Pulling weeds and replacing the mulch around one of our trees.


  1. I love your landscape photo so much! It makes me want to grab my nook and a quilt and go read forever.

    • Alyssa Reply

      Thank you! That sounds very nice! I am a fan of both Nooks and quilts :)

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