Please excuse how obnoxious and self-centered this post seems. I’m happy with the photos and wanted to share them, though I do wish they featured someone else! Even if I don’t actually like having so many photos of myself, taking self-portraits allows me a freedom I don’t normally have. I am not assertive enough to confidently direct people I’m photographing, so being alone in a field with a tripod and remote control works well for me. Although in hindsight it seems like it would feel pretty silly, it is quite the opposite for me.  In a way, it’s empowering.

Next I would really like to get Joseph out there with me! We don’t have any decent pictures together, and doing a portrait session together has been a dream of mine for a long time.  But that presents two problems: 1) I will have to direct him, and 2) it’s kind of like someone watching me take a bunch of pictures of myself.  That is just really awkward.


  1. nice job and i would love to see Joseph out there with you. I plan on doing some with Michael as well. Are your legs scratched up and bitten? Mine are always so itchy after I go exploring.

    • Alyssa Reply

      Nope, I have no scratches! I’m glad I was wearing my boots, though.
      I kept thinking, “I wish I have Genevieve out here because those pictures would be really pretty!” haha

  2. Alyssa, I do love these photos (especially that last one).

    Now are those the See by Chloe boots because they are FAB.

  3. Just play and forget about the camera. Shots of the two of you spontaneously are always the best. Set up the camera and goof around hitting the remote as much as you can having him try to grab it from you if need be lol. I like some of these very much. I understand..I have no problem directing people but I am quite shy.

  4. How do you stay in shape Alyssa?! Oh yes… exercise, we aren’t on good terms!

    If I’d had taken these I’d be thrilled to share them! Egotistical is not a word I would ever equate with you.

    • Alyssa Reply

      Oh god, I am so not in shape. I was a month ago when Joseph and I were building up to running a 5K. Then, we ran the race and totally stopped working out the next day. hahaha :(

      Thank you!

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