My friend Chantell and myself in Japan–2005

I blogged about my wonderful visit to Japan once before and feel it’s time to plea for a country I love. A lot of help is needed after this continuing disaster.  Here are some wonderful and easy ways to help the disaster relief fund (list stolen from Sara, who made a wonderful blog post about the country she grew up in):

Amazon (top right ad)
Google Checkout
American Red Cross
International Medical Corps

Now back to the my regular blogging:

1 March: Growing Up
This is my teddy bear, Monty. He used to have good posture and silky fur, but he’s showing his age now. I still think he’s quite handsome, though

2 March: Symmetry

3 March: Dark

4 March: Weathered

5 March: Culture

6 March: Lace
This prompt came on just the right day, as I just gotten a wonderful package in the mail. My cousin sent me some of her mother’s old craft goods, including tatting books and her handmade lace. I’m very excited to try to tackle tatting!

7 March: Modern

8 March: Spot
My friend Liz and I meet at this bench twice a week to study and catch up on reading for our Literature of the Tudor Courts class.

9 March: Warm

10 March: Sour
Cory was angry at me for sticking my head out the door and telling him to stop barking at the neighbors.

11 March: Vacant

12 March: Fresh

13 March: Through
I dropped my lens and jammed the focus the day before. It should be going to the shop soon; hopefully it’s not totally through.

14 March: Before
I took apart the lens and fixed some of the focusing issues. I took this test shot (of my old lens that I had sitting in front of me) before taking it apart again to smooth out the focus a bit more, but the second disassembly did more damage than good.


  1. Your photos are SO good. And I’m ridiculously behind in posting my project, but I haven’t given up! You’re an inspiration and I hope your lens issue gets resolved soon. Any word from the local shop?

    • Alyssa Reply

      Wow, thanks so much Sara! I’m getting to where I hate all of my photos so try to combat it by not looking at them too much. But this project is fun and has forced me to take some photos I love and never would have thought to take otherwise!

      I am going to drop off the lens today. I planned on going Monday but got very sick (stomach bug and a cold) and haven’t left the house since.

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