Here is the first half of February’s Prompted 365. I’m much happier with my photos this month than January’s, which I posted here.

Some of these are a bit of a stretch and take some explaining, so if you’re not sure how they apply to the prompt, leave me a comment asking!

3 Feb: Doorway
I am still finding ticket stubs and receipts from Italy hidden in my coat pockets and at the bottom of my purse.
For this photo I tried my hand a freelensing, which is where you disconnect the lens from the camera body and and manually focus. Freelensing lets me get a very dramatic depth of focus and get very close to the subject. It’s a fun technique but takes a bit of patience.

4 Feb: “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”

5 Feb: Space

6 Feb: Faith

7 Feb: Right

8 Feb: Fragile

9 Feb: Community
Yes. A community of soda working together to ruin my insides! This one was taken for “black and white Wednesday.”

10 Feb: Shadow

11 Feb: Old News
I don’t subscribe to a newspaper so didn’t have any actual old news at home.  I combated this photo of fresh news with some old treatment.

12 Feb: Strangers
I spend a lot of time with strangers I really like: Ira Glass, David Sedaris, Jonathan Goldstein, and Jad Abumrad to name a few. This photo was also a freelensing experiment.

13 Feb: Gift

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